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Champions Race 2017
The London Tennis Champions Race is the new face of London Tennis competition, an annual event that runs from June to the end of November. A great format which offers a flexible period where those entered may choose who, where and when to play, followed by a structured knockout for the top 16 players, which concludes with semi-finals and final staged at the National Tennis Centre.

Entry is open to male and female players with a minimum age of 16, holding a minimum rating of LTN 8 and up to top amateur level.
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Champions Race
How it Works
Current Table
2017 Champions Race Table
Player Race Ranking Played Wins Prefered Regions
pncbill [ 27 ] 1 5 5 ALL
bencarr [ 22 ] 2 4 4 ALL
dominicN1 [ 38 ] 3 1 1 ALL
Aleph D [ 54 ] 4 8 4 ALL
Bruno Magnani [ 44 ] 5 1 1 ALL
tanmaychetan [ 61 ] 6 1 1 NW,W
malahouse [ 68 ] 7 7 3 ALL
hogantec 8 4 3 SE,SW
mickeymartin 9 1 0 ALL
zoltanjuve [ 14 ] 11 2 1 NW,N,W
Wes [ 94 ] 12 1 0 SE
herve [ 2 ] 13 6 2 ALL
hit4hit 14 2 0 ALL
P101 [ 72 ] 15 3 0 ALL
Bruno Massaccesi [ 80 ] 16 4 0 SE,SW,E
wca10 [ 55 ] UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
benrhal UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Sidchat UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
ddomanil UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
EdThorn [ 73 ] UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
glancec UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
arsenall UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
jakulecom UNRANKED 0 0 SW
simonbose UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
McCoist20 [ 26 ] UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
wheatley UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
killer007 [ 1 ] UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
nitin35 UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
pablondo UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
mcatalli320 UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
JonWells1 UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
tennis9999 UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
fareed1 UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
abala UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
deezel501 UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
apearmain UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Alhonneur UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
jamesbrookner UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
cmount UNRANKED 0 0 SE,SW,E,W
tiagobariqueli UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Ildiegosss UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
etennis UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
info@tennis2be.com UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
zanebray UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Joe Garner UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Jdiedric UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Connected UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
gabtopas UNRANKED 0 0 ALL
Antoine_London UNRANKED 0 0 SE,SW,E,W
1. players site ranking based on all matches is available in brackets
2. to challenge players, click on the message icon and contact them
How it works
Stage 1
Players entered into the Race may play who ever they want in the Race table, players should be active as much as possible, although playing is flexible. Players can choose which areas they wish to play in by challenging players in their own locality, or they may travel around to play to play more players. Once two players arrange to play they must agree on a venue, there is no home or away in this stage.

At the end of stage 1 the top 16 players with the highest league rankings will qualify for Stage 2, the knockout stage, to qualify for this stage players must have played at least ten unique opponents and have been active in the final six weeks of Stage 1. The Race Stage 1 final day of play is 15 October.

Stage 2
This stage starts as soon as the KO is published on 16 October. The Knockout round 1 must be played by 30 October and matches will be played at the venue choice of the top eight seeds. The quarter-finals must then be completed by 13 November and also here players will be drawn home and away with home priority being given to players who played away in round 1. The knockout semi-finals and final will be played over the weekend of 25-26 November with matches will be played indoors at the National Tennis Centre, Roehampton.

Results in any stage of the Race will also count towards a players LTA rating provided the match is between two LTA rated players. Non LTA rated players are eligible for a free LTA rating through their entitlement to FREE British Tennis Membership.
Match Rules
  1. Matches played are best of 3 tie-break sets. In stage 1 matches players may play FAST4 format if they both agree, although stage 2 matches must be three full tie-break sets.
  2. Supply of Balls, each player should bring new balls to the match, players toss a coin to see which balls are used and the winner leaves with the unopened balls.
  3. Courts, players should share the cost of courts or the guest player should play any club guest fee.
  4. A player may claim a walkover if:
    • An opponent does not turn up to the match for any reason
    • A player does not give 24 hours notice to cancel a match for any reason
    • If a player turns up more than 20 minutes late for a match, although players may continue the match if they mutually agree.
    • If an opponent can not continue a started match for any reason.
  5. Players should only call the balls on their side of the court.
  6. Players should behave in a sportsman like way. Unsporting play must be reported to London Tennis and all cases are logged to find repeat offenders who will be removed from the website altogether.
  7. The winning player should enter the match result within 24 hours of the end of the match.
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