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Our new Super Leagues are open to male and female players of 18 years and over. We run three seasons per year with each season running fro 15 weeks.

Our next Super League is extended as an introductory offer and runs from 17 October, 2016 to 8 May, 2017.
Start End*
Winter/Spring 2017 10 Oct 16 08 May 17
Spring/Summer 2017 08 May 17 21 Aug 17
Summer/Autumn 2017 21 Aug 17 04 Dec 17
League entry fees are £15, or FREE for our Premium Members, for details about our Premium Membership please click here.
* Registration closes one month prior to the end date
How the Super Leagues Work
Players who enter may challenge and play as many players as they can in the playing period. Players may search the League table for players in their own locality or outside of it.

At the end of the League Playing Period the top 8 League ranked players who have played at least 8 opponents will be entered into an 8 player knockout to decide the overall Super League winner.
Finals, Trophies and Prizes
Each league winner will receive £150 and the runner up £100, these will be in the form of vouchers to redeem on tennis equipment with our sponsors. The finalists will also receive trophies and the top eight players who qualify for the mini knockout will all receive London Tennis Performance T Shirts.

Arranging Matches

We ask all participants of the Super League to be as active as they can and enter into the spirit of the competition by playing as many matches as possible. Players should contact one another in order to arrange matches by email or texting if a mobile number is available in a player's profile. Players must agree on where to play the match and should be prepared to play both home and away matches.

Match Formats

Matches should be the best of 3 tie break sets. Although players if mutually agreed may play a champions tie-break in place of the 3rd set, a champions tie-break is a tie-break to 10 points instead of the standard 7 points. Fast 4 formats are also acceptable if both players agree.

League Scoring

All League matches count towards a players League ranking and overall London Tennis Site Ranking. The League Ranking works in a similar way to the London Tennis Site Ranking.

Match Balls

Both players should bring a new can of 4 balls to the match. A coin toss can then decide which can to use. At the end of the match the winner leaves with the unopened can and the lose takes the used balls.

Court Fees

Court fees must be split equally between the two players. Club guest fees should be paid by the visitor as long as it is an acceptable amount– please find out these costs in advance.

Line Calls

Please give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and only call the lines on your side of the net.

Unfinished Matches

Unfinished matches can be completed another day from the where play finished, to the nearest game.


Match results should be posted by the winning player within a day of the match being completed


All matches are played without officials, so players must conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner both on and off the court. This includes:

  • Responding promptly to invitations to play by email or text.
  • Getting to matches and entering results on time.
  • Notifying opponents well in advance if an arranged match can not be played for any reason.
  • Understanding and abiding by the rules
  • Refraining from shouting or swearing.

We ask that all cases of unsportsmanlike conduct are reported to London Tennis. This allows us to log reports against players so that we can then identify any persistant offenders. Should any players threaten or physically abuse another player, then they will be removed from the League and the website altogether.


Walkovers in the league will count towards a player's League and Site ranking. Walkovers are entered as 1-0 as a single set score Walkovers can be claimed when your opponent:

  • Does not show up for an arranged match.
  • Shows up more than 20 minutes late, although the waiting player can just choose to just play the match.
  • Does not give at least 4 hours notice when cancelling an arranged match.
  • Does not complete the match for any reason.
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