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_SHarker_00Unrated30 Jun '12 I'm desperately trying to get back into playing some tennis this summer! I used to play a lot when I was a teenager and am keen to get my skill level back up. For now I'd call my self a beginner, with a few tricks up his sleeve.. I work late so am only reliably available on weekends, any time durin...
_John00Unrated03 Jun '14 London
_bruce_3026 Feb '14 Unrated19 Sep '13 Live in Maida Vale but happy to travel in zone 1-2 for matches. Keen to play most abilities and would prefer to play at weekends or after 7pm in the week. Feel free to either message on here or send an email to: [email protected]
zyggie1023 Aug '10 Unrated19 Aug '10 Im 35 years old live in streatham common
zxxz00Unrated21 Nov '11 
Zxx201300Unrated10 Apr '13 Hello , I'm 27 and i live in the Kensington area . I have recently started playing and currently having private coaching. I am looking to meet other beginners to play either weekday mornings or weekends . I am close to Hyde park but happy to play in surrounding areas. If you are interested please ge...
zxlondon200800Unrated13 Mar '10 
zwsszw00Unrated05 Aug '10 Live in Sutton, SM2, prefer singles match. Can play weekdays after 6pm and/or weekends. Hi intermediate level. Feel free to contact me on 07709439527
zwayman2022 Feb '09 Unrated28 Sep '07 Based in Clapham, beginner but not bad Would prefer to play week nights or weekends either in Streatham at my club or at another club not too far away
zwack00Unrated03 Feb '12 Hi I am living in Twickenham/St Margarets and am looking to find players of a similar ability for friendly but competitive matches. Would rather play nearby but happy to travel a bit. I have played tennis on and off for most of my life, but I have never got to a particularly high standard. Can play...
zuzupom00Unrated04 Jun '11 Hi therernI'm 21. I haven't played in a while. A bit out of shape. looking for people to hit the ball mostly for fun, but can do matches too. Finsbury park would be ideal, although I can travel zones 1 and 2. I speak French
Zuu00Unrated18 Jul '10 25, full time student. I played tennis back in school and casually since attending college, and I am looking for other players of similar age and who can play regularly on weekday evenings, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. I enjoy the social side of tennis, but also very much up for some com...
zumrut00Unrated07 Mar '09 I live Hastings, East Sussex. I am 27, female, looking for a someone who is intermediate level or higher.pls contact me on 07515726818 Thanks
zulonline00Unrated01 Jun '08 Hi, I am a friendly girl who hasn't got too much experience in Tennis, but want to give a try, and have a good time playing sometimes with another beginnner. I live in Zone 2 .London
zubelt00Unrated29 Jul '09 I live in Uxbridge area. I love tennis however I am just beginner. I really hope to improve my skills therefore I am looking for tennis players who would like to share their experience with me.
zube9429 Mar '09 Unrated13 Mar '08 25, recently moved to the Highbury Islington and looking to meet other tennis enthusiast around the area for a game or two. Took part in high profile competition when younger but have been in and out of the game for about 10 yrs and need a couple more games to reach a decent level (In other words, i...
zst200800Unrated05 Jul '08 I'm located in South East London. I am a recreational tennis player who has just started taking coaching lessons. I would like to find a tennis partner to practice with who wants to improve their game. I'm available to play before work 6:00am/evenings/weekends. I am close to Burgess Park and Tanner...
zsoltshow00Unrated03 Jan '12 Hi, I am Zsolt, 29 years old from Ilford (East London - zone 4). I am from Hungary, the playing tennis is really expensive there... A can play tennis, but you need to know I am on average low level... Otherwise I have played a lot already. I can play on morning and afternoon time also, depends fro...
ZsazsaGabor1016 Nov '12 Unrated04 May '12 I have started play tennis 2 years ago. I didn't have any lesson so far but I started taking lesson to improve. So my level I would say is good recreational or very low intermidiate. I like to play and my aim to be better on the court. I'm ready for the game! Contact me
zsalyova00Unrated13 Nov '06 36 years old female looking for a tenis partner, level of tenis 8 in a scale 1 (best) to 10 (worst).
zrh3108 Apr '12 Unrated09 Mar '08 hi - average club level social player play at david lloyd chigwell
zoso2111224 Apr '09 Unrated23 Jul '08 Hello, I have just moved to London for a one year placement at one of the cities Museums and am keen to keep playing sport and meet new people as a result. I have only recently got back into tennis which I played frequently at home, would rank myself as a very keen beginner who is improving. The ...
Zorro123642431 Jul '18 31119 Jul '08 Hey Im 34, hammersmith area. Looking to improve, and can play some daytimes too. One day might win wimbledon :)
zorglub20011309 Jun '14 8024 May '10 Available in the weekends mostly. Tom 0776-7074-172
Zoran13006 Jun '14 61226 Oct '12 Based in Kentish Town, normally play at Parliament Hill. Left-handed, can keep consistent rally, working on developing correct mechanics on strokes. Not overly competitive although I like to play matches but exercise & fun are more important. Emphasize on practice, attention to detail. Looking for r...
zootmastaflex00Unrated14 Jan '08 I used to play tennis when i was in high school, I'd just like to get back into the swing of the game. I would like to play in the East London Area but am willing to travel anywhere on the Central or Jubilee Line.
zoomair00Unrated10 Oct '09 Good player and improving
zone1london00Unrated09 Aug '09 Been out of tennis for 2 years due to an injury. Although I would ideally like to play with more experienced players to improve my consistency, happy to hit with consistent players, male or female at a practice / social level for fun and to keep myself in tune with the game. Once upon a time, I use...
zomby00Unrated29 Sep '13 Friendly female who loves tennis looking for partners to play with.
zomboy00Unrated14 Aug '07 32. Looking to play all through the summer. OK serve needs improvement.

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1 to 30 of 16127
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