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WrightP00Unrated22 Sep '03 
wrightalexc00Unrated12 Mar '11 I am 26, have just started playing tennis; have had a few coaching sessions but very much a beginner. My boyfriend and I play sometimes but I am more at the learning stage so it is not such an even match! That said I am keen to play and learn more. I live in Crescent House, by the Barbican and am fl...
WRETHMAN00Unrated31 Mar '12 I am a fit 60+ male who lives in Ealing who has played recreational tennis for many years and would prefer to play in Ealing/Chiswick/Kew area.
wrdsxyboy00Unrated26 Apr '08 Staying in Edgware Road (W9 area). Not a great tennis player, but a tennis fanatic. Absolutely love every tennis match on TV. Love to see Roger Federer in action. Love the William Sisters.
wrattens00Unrated05 May '05 Hi all well I'm 34 years old, 6 ft tall, athletic and a reasonable tennis player although need to work on my game technically. I am keen to play as regulary as possible. I live in Clapham and am willing to play at short notice in south west, central or south east London
wr722016 Jun '13 Unrated31 Aug '12 I'm 40 and a recreational player who has played sporadically and casually over the last ten years but would like to play more regularly in East London, preferably Shadwell or Wapping.
WPtennisclub00Unrated21 Apr '11 
wpipatwo00Unrated15 Jan '13 My name is Zen from Thailand. I am 21 years old. I will be in London for the next 5 months and looking forward to enjoy tennis here.
wpinko00Unrated17 Oct '10 I am a 19-year-old tennis player from Lithuania. Recently I have decided to finish my professional career. I had to finish it earlier this year due to financial circumstances. I started playing tennis since I was 6, and from that time I have given my all to tennis. I was training in many tennis acad...
wpenhallurick00Unrated21 Jul '09 I'm an average amateur player looking to meet someone to play in the Lewisham / South East London area.
wozza911110 Jul '09 Unrated13 Mar '09 Names James, 17, in the scholarship programme at Sutton Tennis Academy , Train 5/6 days a week intensively.
Wozza00Unrated06 Jul '11 Hi, wanting to play tennis again and get a bit fitter, been pretty slack for a while. havnt played for a couple of years and i am probably basic level, can hit and hold a rally and my serve is inconsistent, but am competetive and a good loser. if you fancy a hit let me know, live in se22, get back w...
Workinggirl13515 Sep '12 Unrated21 Apr '12 Poplar area Returning female tennis player, keen to get back into form Best availability: evenings and weekends...happy for 6am start at Westferry during summer daylight savings
Wordie11130 Mar '14 51922 Nov '12 
wora00Unrated02 Jun '09 I'm a complete beginner at tennis, although I've been following the sport for a number of years. Now looking forward to actually picking up a racket and start playing! Looking for new players to display my lack of skills with.
wooze7900Unrated09 Jul '04 
wootangcat00Unrated04 Jul '08 Hi - Im 34 - started playing when I was 5 but havent really played for 4 years (started to feel too old!) Looking forward to getting back into it - I can play in and around either the SW area or Harlow in Essex. Either weekday evenings or weekends. Dont mind playing singles or doubles.
woosie12300Unrated30 Jun '10 hammersmith, new player, play once or 2 times per week around west london. average to decent standard.
woolland00Unrated08 Jan '10 bottler
woodymorgan00Unrated06 Feb '09 24 year old - used to play a lot at school, but havn't really played for a few years. Looking for some good singles games. Live in Stockwell, and happy to bike to relatively close courts like Clapham Common and Battersea
woody7600Unrated04 May '10 Intermediate level player. Available work days after 7pm (work close to Oxford Street) or available weekends in Rickmansworth, Herts.
woody7519505 Oct '12 Unrated25 May '09 New Zealander looking to improve my game, prefer to cycle to courts and keep bike within my eyesight, this may limit attendance at some clubs unless they have a secure indoor bike storage. Can however bike to anywhere zones 1 to 4 or 5 in London **recently moved to north west london**** Keen to ...
woody00Unrated07 Jul '09 34 year old, fairly unfit but used to play a lot, not for a good while though, but at an ok stardard, played for schools etc when younger. looking to increase game and fitness level, preferably in Crystal Palace or Mayow park. available preferably after work or some weekends, young family etc...
woodster100Unrated24 Aug '09 Rating of 5.2 but have had a break from tennis for a while and am now looking to start hitting again to get back to form. Am available to play some evenings during the week and also weekends
woodpa00Unrated04 Feb '12 
Woodie12700Unrated08 Jun '09 Hi, I'm a 25 year old of intermediate standard, based in the Southwark/Waterloo/Borough area who's looking for fellow people to play with this summer. I am free nearly every single evening and also during the day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I am happy to play best of 2/3/...
woodcra000Unrated23 Apr '07 I live in Wembley, and only tend to play the odd set while on holiday abroad! I'd like to have the occasional doubles game while in London too..
Wongs00Unrated22 Oct '07 
wonghong00Unrated01 Jun '04 
Wonderboyo6227 May '10 Unrated14 Jan '09 New to London with work, looking for people to hit with whenever. Don't get to play as much here due to work commitments and being new to the area so will jump at chance for some friendlies. I've been playing on and off for many years and am at a decent club standard. Living in Fulham but prepared t...

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271 to 300 of 16114
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