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wombledamian7100Unrated03 Mar '08 hi, im damian, live in morden, play at wilton ltc in wimbledon, looking to play some singles to get fitter, reasonable standard, play for lower teams at club. Looking to play evenings or weekends, either in SW london or weekday evenings around the City area.
Womble1001 Jul '06 Unrated17 Jun '06 Hey all, have had 1 lesson so far and am basically lookin to get regular singles tennis wherever. live in south west london area, can play at Wimbledon Park tennis courts and most other courts in SW london. Also work near richmond, kew area so any courts near there would be cool too during weekdays...
wolkey5500Unrated02 Oct '09 Hello im Lee {fella} i live in Pimlico near Victoria {34} fit as a fiddle. I play tennis at intermediate level with friends not tournaments. I also drive, pretty flexible with times 07852560311
wolfy2125 Jul '11 Unrated13 May '11 Fit intermediate 30 year old male looking for to pick up some games and hitting practice. I enjoy gettin out there to soak some good British weather on court - and of course dashing around and chasing every last ball down.
wolfhound00Unrated30 Jun '07 I live in East london E3. I'm a 39 old italian freelance jounalist. I play just about decently with a lot still, of course, to improve. looking forward to playing singles and doubles. quite focussed and determined to advance my game and to play with as many as possible. prepared to travel across lon...
wolfdog00Unrated19 Jan '06 sexy male 37 living in london
WolfD1102 Sep '13 Unrated06 Dec '12 Hi, I usually play at ITC, believe to be somewhere around top club level (maybe on good days even county standard?), and "lost" all my partners as they moved away. I d very much appreciate a game once in a while
wolf8400Unrated07 Aug '09 Male, age 25. Live in west hampstead area. Keen player, solid recreational - intermediate player, who plays once-twice per week. Interested in playing singles in the north west London or central London areas on evenings or weekends.
wojtekkolan00Unrated10 Jul '11 Decent player. All rounder
wogg100Unrated11 Mar '09 
wming100Unrated11 Jun '09 
wmann716225 Dec '13 Unrated13 Dec '13 
wly00Unrated27 Apr '14 I'm approx. ITN-6 player and have played tennis socially for many years. Looking to improve all areas of my game.
wlh9700Unrated11 Sep '06 Live around Canary Wharf area, work around St Paul's / Chancery Lane area. Have been playing for 2-3 years, would like to improve my game through regular playing. I rate myself at NTRP3.5 - 4.0, and probably between Intermediate2 to Advance with this site's rating. Week nights work best for me a...
WJR253211 Aug '11 Unrated10 Jul '11 I live in Clapham, I've not played tennis for approaching four years but played to a relatively solid standard when I was playing.rnrnEnjoy playing doubles or singles.
wizprashant1029 Sep '12 Unrated26 Sep '12 Improvers Category. Staying at Tufnell park. nearby tennis place- islington tennis; member of globe tennis, belsize park.
wizardman6612803 Apr '13 Unrated18 Oct '12 
wizardman20032000Unrated04 Nov '05 very sporty Ilive in nwlondon Ican play anytime or anywhere
wizardman 20067214 Mar '10 Unrated09 Nov '06 Hi there my itn rating is itn5 average club level i am always up for a hit 07882996753
wixy7422 Sep '12 Unrated30 Oct '11 I'm an adult male player that's been an active tennis player since I was 10. I've played competitively as a junior through to university level... I've taken some time off now and again but always come back to tennis with a great passion. Relatively new to London and looking for ITN 4 and 5's to hi...
wittlucy00Unrated04 Jan '07 I am a 23 yrs old living in Croydon looking to continue playing tennis after my time at university. I have not been in a team since 2002 but I am a competent player and a keen sportsperson.
witte2020 Sep '10 Unrated20 Aug '10 Hello, I am a 31 year old male who played actively between the ages of 10 and 20 and then suddenly stopped. I recently picked up a racket again and would like to improve my game. I can play almost anywhere in London but would prefer East london (Wapping, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Sh...
Wispy00Unrated16 Jun '12 Female, Intermediate player living in the Clapham /wandsworth area. Would love to play more regularly with intermediate female players between 30 and 50.
wisniea00Unrated29 Aug '08 I live in Chiswick and play locally. I used to play regularily for 7 years about 15 years ago and just recently started again.
wisemann251220 Sep '09 Unrated01 Jul '08 I used to play tennis for University and Club - have played infrequently since I moved to London some (many) years ago but have been a tennis member at David Lloyd Raynes Park for six months and now back into the swing of things! – anyway...“have rackets and will play in the South West ...
wise00Unrated28 Oct '10 27yr old - Have been playing tennis since I was quite young - Have just moved back to London and I am looking to play regularly with someone of a similar standard - Happy to travel a little for a court and I am based just next to Camden - If you are keen on having a hit and some regular friendly mat...
wisco00Unrated20 Mar '09 I’m 24 and living in wandsworth common. I use to play semi regularly during the summers - just friendly matches, but looking to play more often and improve. I’m available to play during the morning most days and weekends. Closest courts are Wandsworth Common, but willing to play all around the a...
winston8400Unrated22 Jul '13 Used to play competitively before I moved to London 12 years ago and am now getting back into the game. I would rate myself at intermediate (low end at the moment). I'm not too competitive and I know my level and am playing now for enjoyment and to get fit again.
winnets9900Unrated25 Oct '09 Hi, I am a 28 year old male. Low intermediate standard I guess. Really looking to improve my game and play regularly. Probably prefer to play people better than myself. Give me a shout by email or on 07540625775 Can play evenings after work and some weekends in Central or Clapham ways
WingTai1002 Mar '14 Unrated02 Feb '09 Hey all. I'm not a beginner and also wouldn't class myself as an intermediate either, somewhere in-between. I'm not afraid of playing someone more advanced than me, always up for a challenge. Up for friendly matches and travel isn't a problem for me. Message me if you would like a match. 0741483449...

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301 to 330 of 16114
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