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wingsun1600Unrated26 Jun '13 Hi! I recently started picking up tennis again after a long time (6 Years)! But I love the sport and wanting to get back into again. I'm 22 and live in North London (Enfield). Ideally, would like to play around N18 - but willing to travel if it's not too far :) Just drop me a message.
Wing1123 Sep '07 Unrated28 Oct '05 I live in Surrey Quays in the docklands. 22, Male. enjoy playing for fun, looking to improve and stay fit... do let me know if you fancy a game sometime..
windyhead00Unrated11 May '10 I'm 26, not a regular player but am in good shape and hope to be pretty handy after a bit regular tennis action. Just need to learn to serve... Ideal for me is playing at Ruskin Park straight after work (5pm) as I work at Kings Hosp.
winchos00Unrated17 Jul '13 
win00Unrated25 May '09 Hi i'm a very keen tennis player but haven't played for some time although i used to play at county level some years back. So would be very keen to play a player at intermediate level.
wimby00Unrated26 Apr '11 
wimbly00Unrated21 Apr '11 
Wimbledonwatcher12705 Sep '11 Unrated02 Apr '11 No longer in the UK
Wimbledon776419 Feb '14 33202 Oct '12 Hi, Im 35 years, male. Live close to Wimbledon Park. Guessing Im a Intermediate player. Can play but no pro in any way. Can play weeknights and weekends. Interested to play more regularly so drop me an email if you want to play in Wimbledon area.
wilsteph00Unrated03 Apr '11 32 year old intermediate player looking for games in Brockwell Park or anywhere SE London. Can do any day or weekends. Looking for fun games as well as competitive. Get in touch!
Wilson_8700Unrated31 May '14 26 years old french guy, I just arrived in London for several years. I used to play tennis in competition in France (eq : 6.2 / 7.1). I will not play in a tennis club for few months but I am looking for players to train seriously but friendly during weekends and sometimes in the evening for games...
wilsonguo1029 Jun '13 Unrated21 May '13 Hi there, I am 30 years old, have recently relocated from Canada to London, and I am looking for people to play tennis with. I have been playing tennis for about 3 years now, so about intermediate level. After a long winter, I am trying to get back in the game. I work near London Bridge, and I have...
will_8600Unrated31 May '12 Hi all! I am a recreational player playing irregularly for the past 5 years but have been stepping up a gear in the past year. Really looking to improve my game and find a good hitting partner. Unable to serve at all and not been in match situations very often... but able to rally quite well. Local ...
willzdingle00Unrated20 May '13 I am a very keen tennis player and would love to continue. i have just move to london and would love to continue playing! i used to play tennis for north wales.
willwright00Unrated14 Aug '07 Hi, I'm a 25 year old male who used to play quite regularly, but after moving to London, haven't played much. Anyone up for a match?
willwcb00Unrated05 May '13 American student in London, looking to improve my tennis game
willtracey00Unrated05 Sep '10 hello-lta rated 6.1,v. keen to hit regularly, play evenings pref at lincolns in fields cos its near.played regional and county standard at 33 and slightly unfit!
willtempest9229 Apr '13 Unrated15 Jan '09 I used to play very regularly however have had a break after a knee (skiing) injury. Am looking to start playing a lot again. I am happy to travel about london as I work in Aldgate and live in Finchley/Golders Green. I can playing in the evenings if there are floodlit courts and most weekends. I am ...
Willt561114 Sep '11 Unrated14 Sep '11 I like tennis.
willsy00Unrated15 Jun '09 I'm a 25 y/o Australian that has just moved to London and is looking to get back into tennis after quite a few years off. I played a lot as a junior and am looking forward to start playing again. I am living in the Putney area and am looking for a casual hitting partner to nurse me back into form. I...
willsharp00Unrated22 Jun '10 
wills1800Unrated25 Jun '12 like to play near welling
WillS8618 Feb '14 825 Aug '10 I live in Camberwell and am a member of a club in Dulwich but can play anywhere in SE London and more centrally sometimes too. I'm a good club player. Looking to play singles. Available some week nights and weekends.
willrusack00Unrated20 Jul '10 Located in Bermondsey. Really enjoy tennis up for a game most of the time.
WillRoche4325 Jun '10 Unrated07 Jul '08 Hi, I'm 36, and based in Archway, North London, and I'm keen to play as much tennis as possible. I've trained myself up to mid-level intermediate, but would like to improve further. I love the game, so do contact me if you're up for a casual hit, or a game. I'm freelance, so I can sometimes do weekd...
willr00Unrated31 Jul '13 I'm 31 years old based in Brixton - keen for competitive game. Play regularly with friends - looking to branch out to other players in the area. Played to a decent club level when younger, keen to get back to that level!
willpittman15531 May '14 53824 Mar '12 Fulham based, average player, work in Bloomsbury, play evenings or early morning/ late evenings on weekends, lots of kids so run around.
WillO6016 Nov '13 Unrated21 Aug '13 I'm just getting back to playing tennis after a long break. Moved to this area not long ago and now looking for tennis buddies close to Arnos grove park. I can also play morning and afternoon during school holidays.
willnavarro15317 Aug '10 Unrated15 Mar '09 I started playing tennis a year ago but just the typical playing like hitting the ball, some volleys. I am always available during weekends, Saturdays and Sundays but sometime during weekdays as well. I can travel if necessary.
willinow00Unrated07 Jul '09 

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331 to 360 of 16127
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