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wepc1910816 Apr '10 Unrated22 Jun '09 30yr old living in central London. Am quite fit and energetic with keen interest in severl sports. I haven't picked up a racket for a couple of years now but have played recreationally from young age during the summer months. I'm keen to get involved in friendly matches, competitions and tournaments...
wenting102900Unrated10 May '08 
Wenny00Unrated21 Feb '12 Hi, How about this weekend? Saturday afternoon or Sunday whole day? 07825330249 is my contact No.
wendypel10528 Jul '13 38517 Apr '06 Began playing at an early age but hardly play these days. Would love to get back in to playing. I can hold my own. Play for fun but would like to up my game. Live near Clissold Park/Finsbury Park but could travel. Evenings and weekends best.
wendy12300Unrated16 Jul '07 I've only been playing tennis for about two years so am not very good.
wendy00Unrated31 May '07 30, absolute beginner but generally sporty, Primrose Hill area
wendilynne00Unrated21 Aug '06 I absolutely love the game of tennis and enjoy rallying without being too competitive. I would really like to improve my serve as well. I have quite a consistent hit, but need to learn how to play at the net. i am a master's student and i live in chelsea near battersea park.
wena00Unrated18 Mar '08 hi, im 34yrs. old, female...i really dont play tennis but i will appreciate it if someone here will teach me how to play during my freetime..can call me at dis number 07500208566 just a hobby, a recreation or just for fun!!!thanks..
WEmma00Unrated26 Sep '09 
welshwomble4012 Jan '12 Unrated17 Jun '08 I live opposite Wimbledon Park, but play at the Gardens Tennis club and the David LLoyd club in Raynes Park. I am available during the day and at the weekend. Intermediate standard, if you fancy coming along to the David lloyd club for free do get in touch. My mobile number is 07792565855
Welovetennis6622 Jun '10 Unrated29 Oct '09 I live Walworth Road, studyint at London College of Communication. I am a French student in London for one year, and usually play competition, singles and with my club, in France. I usually play in the gardens of Imperial War Museum
Wellmars00Unrated27 Aug '13 Playing for about 2 years. Can do weekdays mornings and weekends. North London Enfield, Barnet areas. Age 35.
wellandtruly5302 Jun '13 Unrated30 May '11 33 year old, used to play a lot of tennis to a decent standard but I have not played a huge amount over the last seven years or so. Currently of an intermediate level. I live in New cross/telegraph hill, looking for games.
welchneil00Unrated25 Apr '10 I am a strength and conditioning coach based in Twickenham and design bespoke training programs for athletes. I currently work with the British alpine development team and a number of other individual athletes from various sports. For more information about the services I offer, please visit my webs...
weiz00Unrated08 Nov '08 Have been playing tennis and other racquet sports for many years, mainly playing in around SW19 area.
weiweiconnie00Unrated02 Aug '13 
weimun00Unrated01 Sep '13 Interested in hitting baseline rallies to improve. Less interested in competition, but willing to play matches. Self taught many years ago, stopped for few years due to injury. Available on weekdays, before 6pm
wegiangb00Unrated25 Jun '08 I play mainly in clubs in surrey and south west London. Willing to play anyone in south west London area. I am 25
Weekender00Unrated07 Sep '10 Hi, Id like to play tennis at Lincoln Inns tennis courts on weekends. I am probably somewhere between a beginer and an intermediate. Thanks
weekend-warrior121128 Aug '13 Unrated14 Apr '11 Tennis is a game of physical and mental, it's tactical, it's technical, there's a lot to the game of tennis. Tennis is a game for a lifetime and it really can change your life for the better. It's really changed mine for the better and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you.
Weekend Tennis00Unrated07 Sep '08 Played competitively as a junior (national and international) but have struggled to find the time/opportunity for a while. Looking to hit on weekends and potentially weekday evenings. Current LTA rating 5.2. Would prefer to hit and do some match play rather than just play matches. Happy to play ...
weegels00Unrated19 Jul '10 
wedger00Unrated26 Jan '10 Used to play second team at University but not a big hitter. Just moved to SE5 Loughborough Junction so Myatt's Fields or Ruskin Park would be ideal but flexible as have a bike.
wechnok1001 Jul '09 Unrated01 Jul '09 Moved here from Poland in 2003, i play regularly, but of course looking to improve
webster00Unrated05 Oct '09 
WebbsTennis503018 Jan '14 8330 Sep '09 Competitive player in North London. Live in NW5 - Kentish Town area. Local club is Islington Tennis Centre (ITC). Looking to play regular matches. Consistent groundies and decent serve. Flexible re times to play, weekends and weekday nights.
Weavs00Unrated08 Jul '13 Out of practice competent intermediate looking for people to play against in Clapham/Southwest or Bermondsey. Evenings and weekend availability.
wdeck6209 Mar '10 Unrated18 Feb '07 26 years old Lithuanian immigrant here to collect dss and play tennis to keep active. (Hey, have to leave the council flat sometimes). I'm lazy and slow like a typical immigrant, so I like to serve and volley to have a chance. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking I can baseline, but after a few...
Wdcohn6121 May '11 Unrated20 Mar '11 Hi, Wayne here from Lewisham. 29, South African and love my tennis. The knee slowed me down eventually but I am looking to have a hit of the ball asap. Available most week nights and weekends.Looking forward to meeting.....
wdam1007 Aug '12 Unrated09 May '11 Looking to get back on the court. I live in SE London but can play anywhere. Available evenings and weekends.

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451 to 480 of 16127
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