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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
wcheah2218 Jul '13 Unrated21 Jan '11 I mostly play doubles tennis on Sundays. But I am now looking to play more singles games.
wcarrasco00Unrated04 Apr '14 Low Intermediate Level. Happy to play on weekends with similar lever females.
wca10351711 Jul '14 23104 Apr '05 Looking for regular games with good standard players. Live in East London but can travel to most parts of London.
wbmalone00Unrated16 Aug '08 39 but still pretty fit. Live near Brixton at the moment. Looking for weekday morning practice or matches but also available some evenings and weekends. Pretty erratic player, not had much coaching but can usually get the ball back!
wbarob00Unrated02 May '11 40 Year old male, Just started playing again last year. Can travel to most parts of London
wazzab197600Unrated24 Aug '06 Am a 29 y/o Aussie guy looking for afternoon/evening hits with players of good standard in the SW London area. Have been playing for a while, but have not played competitively for the last couple of years.
wazajarm1006 Oct '11 Unrated25 Sep '11 I'm interested in finding a hitting partner to get back into tennis this year. I'm 39 and would consider myself sort've lower intermediate at the moment but keen to improve. I live near the west ham tennis courts so would prefer to play there. Please get in touch if you fancy a practice hit over the...
Waxer2119 Jun '12 Unrated28 May '11 Play at Regents Park. Interested in playing doubles or singles.
wave7100Unrated28 Jul '08 I'm a keen player and fairly new to West Kensington area. Looking for local players for evening/weekend matches.
watzupmark00Unrated23 Jul '06 I play at Wimbledon Park regularly. I'm 29 and have played all my life, incl club level until I came over to the UK (from SA) in 2003. Can play most nights from 7pm onwards or weekends anytime. Prefer to play in South West area (Wimbledon Park)
Watzi00Unrated16 Aug '08 
watsono00Unrated03 Feb '14 Looking for hitting partners/ casual matches in islington area, closest courts are Rosemary Gardens or Highbury Fields (am member of Islington Tennis Centre)
watsonheather00Unrated31 Jan '09 33 year old female. used to play a bit, but never to especially high standard. keen to play more this season, and improve. live in clapham. available to play clapham/battersea courts
WatfordCouple304108 Jan '12 Unrated30 Jan '11 A 30 years-old couple to play tennis in Watford area. Intermediate level. Would like to play against other intermediate/high intermediate level couples.
WaterMonkey00Unrated27 Jun '09 I live in Bromley, was a member of Canterbury lawn tennis club many years ago! Now play at Bromley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club and been there 2 years and loving it. Happy to play matches or just rally... Get in touch :)
watamu7528 May '08 Unrated11 Nov '07 Hello readers and tennis lovers, I am looking for a tennis partner, live in chalton area near the O2, tennis partners can be both ladies and gentlemen and I am able to play in all courts.
wasylni00Unrated26 Jul '09 Hello, My name is Marcin I live in Wimbledon. I am beginner. contact me via email marcin(at) I can play weekends (preferably early mornings).
wasmalasis00Unrated02 Jan '06 I am an average tennis player
wasma00Unrated18 Aug '06 My name is Wasiu,a Nigerian by birth,i am in my mid30s.At present,i am out of London.I have been playing Tennis now for over20yrs.I can easily describe my Tennis as being at the top club level.
WasifHussain1007 May '10 Unrated01 May '10 Beginner to Intermediate (Recreational) Player within the Clapham, SW4 Area (29 years old).Very keen to keep active, as Tennis partner is unfortunately in poor health. Available on weekends, and possibly Monday and Friday. Very flexible as to the standard of the opposition, although if a few rallies...
waseem9200Unrated22 Nov '11 Hello!
warwick00Unrated05 Sep '06 I am a 31 year old professional working in Holborn looking get back into some friendly but competitive tennis following a recent holiday. I can play either in the evenings or at weekends.
warrior1800Unrated28 Jul '07 18 years old can play within 5 miles from where i live in chigwell
warrenvazquez12709 Oct '12 Unrated01 May '10 i'm looking for lessons at present with the aim of improving my game. played at school, but not much since. mainly played squash, so i am keen to get regular again.
WarrenG00Unrated10 Sep '13 Ex-Southern California university player. Played Division II ten years ago and looking for players (Level: ITN 5-6, LTA 5.1-6.1, US 4.0-4.5). I live near Tower Bridge (SE1) and often at Tanner Street Courts. Have also traveled to the National Tennis Centre near Roehampton and glady journey to Burges...
Wardybsc00Unrated15 Aug '12 
wardy00Unrated05 Nov '09 Based near Wandsworth Common, used to play at a good standard and coached professionally but haven't picked up a racquet for a while... Keen to have a hit with anyone happy to hit lots of balls and hopefully get some sharpness back!
WardG00Unrated29 Sep '12 
warda00Unrated16 Aug '08 Hi, I am a 25 year old female intermediate (and very keen) tennis player, played on and off since I was a child. I am always looking for tennis partners, preferably around London Bridge. I play weekends and week days when I am off and I mostly prefer singles.
warcupia00Unrated15 Aug '10 Live opposite Furzedown Recreation Centre so I that would be my preference but happy to travel withing reason. I haven't played for years but could serve although quite inconsistent so just looking for a knockaround and to improve. Someone at the same level who is looking for a regular practice part...

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481 to 510 of 16127
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