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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
zoltar8500Unrated10 Nov '10 Back to Tennis after 8 long years, I used to be very good club level, lets see how i get on now.
zoltanjuve744915 Jun '14 7225 Sep '08 i'm living in north-west london looking for parters in this area or west london for a good match and good fun,tel 07828145282 also i can travel for a good game
Zoltan0022 May '18 
zokilive3211 Aug '12 Unrated25 Mar '12 Looking to play singles or doubles weekly. Prefer north London locations, but open to playing at other parts of the city.
Zoikoito00Unrated29 Jul '08 I played a lot at uni and then had no time to get back into it since 4 years. It will come back I am sure. I was never ranked.
zoid2028 Jul '13 Unrated14 May '13 Hi, I live in Camden and have been playing tennis for a very long time. If you want to play, then no problemo contact me!! My tel : 07886 119 600
Zoey300Unrated21 Sep '07 I'm Female (24 years old) and live in SE london. I haven't played tennis in a few years and am looking to pick it up again. I'm somewhere between the beginner-intermediate level. If anyone's looking to play a few friendly matches or just rallying please let me know
ZoeCirrone00Unrated19 Mar '12 Hi, I am 26 and live near Holland Park and have recently joined Holland Park Tennis Club. I have played tennis since I was 9 and was a club and county player. I like to play regularly although over recent years I have neglected it somewhat. Looking to get back into matches and and find a similar sta...
Zoe3100Unrated09 Sep '09 Hello, I am Zoe, I am 31. I am currently trying to get into advertising! I really want to play tennis regularly, I used to be a pretty good player. Now I can generally hold a rally, but I really want to improve. I live near Kings Cross, and am prepared to travel up to 5 miles.
zoe23500Unrated18 Oct '09 I like tennis that is reason I am here. To be honest, I had been playing tennis very short time.. it may not interest you but I need to tell that because I believe that I could be good competitor in short time. I found this site from mates who are really good at Tennis.. I met in courts near my p...
zoard7383428 Aug '10 Unrated02 Feb '09 Based in East London, Wanstead. 07818046673
zoadd071131 Jul '09 Unrated31 Jul '09 I'm 24 and played competitively in high school but only sporadically over the last couple of years. Looking to get back out on the court. Demanding hours at work, so late nights or weekends work best.
znuffzz00Unrated25 Apr '08 played competitive school boy tennis and up to uni, was a + 4/6 under the old VW ratings, not sure what that equates to these days. looking for somone to have a social game with in islington to surrounding area
zneilmartin331921 Aug '11 Unrated15 Aug '09 Back in London after 2 yr absence...was ranked somewhere in the 30-40 range for a while when I played regularly on this website. Neil 07795175600
zmohammoud00Unrated31 Dec '09 Relatively new to tennis and living in Heston and looking to meet other players. Right now desperate to play soon beore 28th November. Msg me if you want to play at Westway Sports Centre on the weekends or Thursday.
Zmant00Unrated18 Aug '09 I used to play at a decent standard but haven't played competitively for 6-7 years and am keen to get back into playing. I used to be a LTA 2.3 ranking (old 2.3 = new 4.1 ranking) but wont be playing to that level at the moment. I am living in Putney and am flexible with times(AM/PM weekday/weeken...
zliaqat221522 Sep '10 Unrated17 Jul '05 Intermediate player...have been playing tennis for a number of years - looking for regular tennis most evenings or weekends and the odd afternoon. Live in waterloo area mobile 07739140327
ZLevicek3024 Jan '09 Unrated10 Jun '08 Played when I was younger quite a bit. Have not played in quite a while - looking to get back to the game.
zlatina200000Unrated16 Jun '10 28 female, looking for a rally partner in the E14 area, intermediate to advanced level
ZiZ000Unrated17 Apr '11 
Ziying00Unrated18 Jun '13 Tennis is a part of life to me, looking forward to meet new tennis partner in London.
Zivile00Unrated25 Jul '06 Early thirties, female.... recently moved from Canary Wharf area to Heathrow area due to a new job here... and it appears we have free tennis courts here locally!!!... If anyone would like to be my tennis partner, regular or a one off, and lives in near, you're welcome to get in touch. My schedule c...
ZiulekTZ00Unrated15 Jul '13 Im born1969 amator
ziulek100Unrated13 Apr '13 im amator
ziulek00Unrated25 Sep '10 tennis it is my the big passion. I live in croydon. I not preffere doubles.
Zitakatel0012 Jul '18 I am kind and good to be with
Zirr00Unrated14 Jan '13 
zipper100161223 Nov '09 Unrated27 Aug '08 I am a 5.2. I play tennis 2 times a week. I am looking for new tennis partner to play social and competitive tennis. I am 30 years old and I have played tennis for 15 years.
zipke2500Unrated04 Mar '12 Hi, I've just moved to London for work (Gloucester Road / Earls Court) and would like to continue playing tennis on a weekly basis and enter competitions and tournaments. My ranking in Belgium is C+15/5. I prefer to play on weeknights. Thanks, Tine (31 years old)
zipatlantis11106 Feb '11 Unrated12 May '08 Hi I played tennis for a few years in Australia and love the game. I am looking to play socially in the south east, south west or south London on the weekends and possibly Thursdays and Fridays. Contact number is 07545 169795.

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31 to 60 of 16127
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