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Yas00Unrated01 Jul '08 I'm a Japanese player. I want to challenge a match in the future.
Yardley00Unrated01 Jun '09 location wimbledon / twickenham. average player looking to improve..
yarders3021 Feb '07 Unrated07 Oct '06 Live in Ham, near Richmond Surrey. 30 years old. I've played social tennis on and off for a few years, not had lessons or coaching. Not sure where to pitch my level? Technique not so hot but I get round the court resonably well. Looking to play some fun but competitive Tennis and hopefully join some...
yannick NW300Unrated24 Jun '11 I(yannick,31) used to play tennis at a competitive level during 10 years while i was teenager. I'm looking for a nice tennis player!(intermediate level) and who is not lazy on the court as i like to run
Yannick00Unrated11 Feb '08 Hi, i'm 22 and live in Lee. I've always played recreationally but would like to see how good i would be on a ranked circuit or league. So challange me...
yann00Unrated28 Oct '04 
yanis_a12314 Jun '14 49603 Mar '12 Hello, I'm an intermediate player, 32 y old, happy to practice or play games. Best times are weekdays from 7pm and weekends afternoon or evening. I normally play in the Islington Tennis Centre.
yanc7716 Jul '08 Unrated11 Jun '08 6 year continously player.
yanagisawa500Unrated31 Jul '07 Japanese keen on music and arts. Played tennis when University.
YamiCocoaTea00Unrated29 Jul '05 not in london no more
yaggi772123 Feb '12 Unrated02 Aug '11 Hi all, I'm not working at the moment so free pretty much all day every day - with a bit of notice Live SE5, so can easily play at Burgess Park, but prepared to travel for a good game
yacheson00Unrated21 Feb '06 Fulham
yac00Unrated06 Oct '07 I live in east ham , I used to play a long time ago , i am 29.I would like to get a bit of practice
y2jandy7017 Nov '08 Unrated04 Oct '08 I no longer live in London.
y2adam111012 Aug '09 Unrated16 Jul '09 
y111uke00Unrated18 Jun '12 I love to practice but am starting to become more confident in matches and would like to find players of a similar standard who would like to play friendly games. I can rally and my serve is getting better. Beckenham croydon area 07855057312 if interested!! also a member at esporta croydon!
y10028200Unrated04 Feb '07 
xyderyx7627 Apr '14 24321 Nov '13 I prefer playing in Camden, and appreciate a competitive and fair match.
xy60600Unrated06 Oct '09 I am Ben, a Chinese student at a london university, looking for intermediate/upper-intermediate social play for fun and exercise. I can be quite flexible in terms of time. Drop me a message if interested
xxprincesstxx00Unrated21 Feb '09 
xun00Unrated01 Mar '07 
xummy00Unrated07 Apr '10 Hello! Haven’t played in a couple of years, but previously played at a high-ish standard at school/university. Probably in the middle/high intermediate range. Live near Brockwell Park (South London), but can play in Clapham Common and Fulham (weeknights). Weeknights and weekends only.
xtsr7606 Apr '13 Unrated24 Jun '12 I have played Tennis competitively in Switzerland since the age of 10. Now I live and work in Canary Wharf and want to hit about once a week.
xtremewarrior00Unrated06 Apr '12 I play on the weekends with my friends. I want to play some serious matches and develop my skills.
xtreme20190004 Mar '19 
xtreme20000Unrated15 Nov '07 Keen tennis player looking to play friendly matches at Wimbledon Park on Saturdays or Sundays.
XSU00Unrated29 Apr '11 Hi! Mid 20's from South East London around Greenwich. Used to play competitively at club level up till about 15, strictly only been playing for fun on and off during summer times since, so currently very rusty! Looking to now play more regularly with similar level players around once a week for hea...
xpucu00Unrated06 Apr '10 
Ximo22723 Dec '13 25919 Jul '12 Hi. rnMember at ITC near Caledonian Park.rnI play tennis a couple of times a week and started training more and more often... looking for tennis mates interested in a couple of hour matches or just a good hard hit. I am Spanish and miss the clay but after 14 years abroad I am getting used to hard co...

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211 to 240 of 16127
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