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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
xia00Unrated19 Aug '08 above the average level,rank 3 in a big chinese bank.
xetap1015 Oct '13 Unrated30 Sep '13 bye
Xerxes00Unrated12 Feb '08 Hi I'm a 35 year old male, living in North London. Beginner who is looking for a friendly hit. I work in the city and am free to play most of the time.
xensis00Unrated23 Apr '09 I'm AndrĂ©, 35, live in Blackheath. Love tennis and have been playing since I can remember. Good all-round game, though mostly baseline counter-puncher, slice backhand, competitive club level in teens and 20s. Keen to play on regular basis, evenings and weekends, City and SE.
xenofon1348721 Jul '14 5530 Jul '11 I have settled in Walton on Thames. Happy to travel for a good game. I am in a good shape with some good weapons
xelium1014 Jul '14 Unrated08 Jul '14 
XDAlexXD00Unrated09 Nov '06 Hello xD
xben5000Unrated15 Oct '08 Mech Eng student at Imperial. Really between ITN4 and 5 level
Xavier Galiana00Unrated20 Apr '08 Hi there, I am a 26 year old and I live in E&C and I like to play with anyone close to where I live. My game, I guess is average but willing to practice at any time week days and weekends.
Xavi00Unrated10 Oct '12 I am experienced tennis player, played since I was 15 now I am 30. I am from Spain and I am living now in Stoke Newington, next to Clissold Park. I can play either mornings or evenings at the moment. Looking for experienced tennis players.
xaubrun0002 Jul '18 27 yo, used to play regurlalry but need to get back to it. Looking to play matches in Battersea park, Monday-Tuesday evenings or weekends possible.
xalexa00Unrated17 Apr '12 i stopped tennis for 9 months and now i want to back on the court,so i looking to practice and someone to play with me ;-)
xaf00Unrated20 Mar '09 Am close to Finsbury Park, Clissold Park and Highbury Fields, and am eager to play as much tennis as possible at weekends throughout this coming spring/summer. I have loads of energy, hence would ideally like to play against good players who will make an effort for every ball, and whom I can ho...
WyP8809 Nov '08 Unrated09 Jan '08 26yo male originally from Slovakia, live in E14 and can play during the weekends possibly weekday evenings. I used to be quite good about 10 years ago (used to play a few international tournaments in juniors as well), then had a 5 year break and restarted playing tennis about a year ago. Looki...
wyd1006 Jul '09 Unrated04 Jul '09 
wycliffe634022 Jul '14 11909 Jul '12 always up for a game will travel reasonably distance. local courts east london.
wxiao00Unrated03 Jan '06 I took tennis lessons a few of times. Would rate myself as Beginner. Can play a normal game with people at the same level (beginner and advanced beginner). Just moved to London in the City. If you live in the city and look for someone to "knock around", please give me a call
wwel00Unrated16 Apr '12 
wwang00Unrated11 Nov '07 I'm a 40 years old professional and a tennis beginner, but I like it a lot, and I want to play regularly if possible. My preference area will be around the Uxbridge/Ruislip/Eastcote/Harrow area. I am also considering to take some courses.
ww7600Unrated25 Apr '08 New to SW9 and looking for players in or around Vauxhall/Oval/Kennington area - evenings/weekends. Ok standard, needs improving!
wvolvo1227123 Dec '13 24522 Aug '09 Playing for fun. Love playing over weekends or weekday evenings after work. I change my workplace often, currently Batersea area so courts around suits me best weekdays evenings. Weekends prefer around home area but for good fun can go even to Flushing Meadows Park:).
Wuzbrer4014 Jun '09 Unrated09 Jan '09 Aged 44. i played regularly up to 1992, and i recently took up tennis again in November 2008. Currently a member of Catford Wanderers. Email [email protected]
wusupbiatch00Unrated02 Mar '10 * 24 year old Aussie guy * Looking to play in regular weekly competition * Played competition tennis for a few years
Wukk00Unrated01 Dec '09 Hy..I'm 25 year old male, live in Bounds Green area, North London...recently started playing tennis and willing 2 learn and improve.....or just have fun....I'm up for a a game in north London, able 2 travel.
wthorne00Unrated24 Jun '11 Intermediate player who hasn't picked up a racket for a year or so, and looking to get back into it. Up for hits/matches evenings or weekends
wteoh00Unrated27 Oct '09 I am and Aussie guy and just moved to London from New York. I enjoy playing tennis and follow it religiously.. hoping to play a lot more than I get to play in NYC. Have been playing socially for few years now but want to get a lot better and maybe start playing in a league.
WTA36000Unrated07 Jan '14 Hi everyone. I come from Moscow, Russia and I'm 21 years old. My best WTA ranking was 369 in singles and 364 in doubles. To all my tittles I also took the first position in age of 19 and younger at my home country Russia. Because of injury, I had to finish my professional career last year. Currently...
wrr20171321 Apr '12 Unrated22 Jan '10 
Wronghand6610 Jul '14 8506 Apr '14 Right-handed. I have played many years left handed but I can't at the moment because of a shoulder problem, so beginner all over again now! But capable of some good shots still. I like to hit aggressively from the baseline.
writetolucy00Unrated14 Apr '09 I live in NW London, intermediate player.

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241 to 270 of 16127
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