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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
Stryker642723 Jun '11 Unrated12 Jul '09 Based in Maida Vale. Available to play during the day (preferred). I played very regularly for a few years until injured in 2006. Since 2008 I've been playing just occasionally.
robhdg442731 Jul '11 Unrated05 Jul '05 moved abroad
dalstondavid672727 Sep '12 Unrated29 Mar '09 I'm a fit 50-year old in Dalston, looking to play several times a week. I can often play at short notice. Usually play at Clissold Park. I will not play on courts with no booking. Happy to play a match or work on some stuff together.
seanmcg502614 Apr '11 Unrated19 Oct '07 hi my names Sean McGranaghan . im 21 yrs old. My LTA rating is 8.1 and would i am between high intermediate and top club level standard.I have been away coaching for Mark Warner for 5 months so looking to get back into matches . Im a member at Norbury Park LTC so we will be able to get a court. i...
davebagal522610 Aug '13 21728 Oct '12 
giannicool362621 Oct '12 Unrated17 Dec '11 Intermediate player with some few moments of brilliance. Lets have a fun match, send me a message!
rosinim382619 Apr '09 Unrated28 Mar '07 Live in Battersea. Prefer to play weekdays early mornings, or weekends. Willing to travel across London to find good hitting partners.
elstnep612606 Aug '10 Unrated13 Feb '08 I live in east putney - would say intermediate standard. Looking for a partners to play regularly with one night a week or sat/sun morning.
benk702620 Jul '14 56827 Oct '05 I have been playing tennis on and off since I was abt 10 yrs old (was a tennis club member in Paris for a few yrs). Playing more regularly in general during spring summer and autumn. I would consider myself an average player with a good serve, good slice back hand and good forehand but would love to...
Jordanes402602 May '14 10025 Jan '09 
SMIRNOFF742622 Feb '14 51813 Feb '09 Hi! I am 28, male , not a professional, but not a beginner either. Can play at Central Valentines Parks, E6 area, any Mon-Fri from 19:00, and weekends at any time. Drop me a text if you can play at those times 07949250275;
lessbeermoretennis772616 Feb '11 Unrated26 Apr '08 Hi, I'm not playing tennis at the moment due to a dodgy knee :-(
Mattmacchivers422625 Aug '13 19313 Apr '10 Living in South London, looking for good competetive games. Was good club player, looking to get back into it over the Summer.
diego382521 Nov '10 Unrated16 Jun '09 usually im off in the weekdays ,weekends i can play sometimes early sametimes late,i play since i was a kid but i stoped for few years becouse i broke my leg,now i,ve been playing again since 2006,im looking for someone to play with as im kind of disable person .i think im in a not good club level....
kiwipaul652504 Sep '12 Unrated15 Feb '08 Back in London. Looking ot play in the evenings and weekends against top two hundred players. Rating had slipped due to walkovers last year and lack of activity. Strong competitive, fit player. Can play in south west and also can book courts at Virgin Active, Lillie Road. Please text or call p...
sridhar422517 Apr '11 Unrated19 Jul '08 Intermediate. 30 years. Keen to play any week day evening (6pm onwards) and weekend late mornings. Most convenient at Clapham Common/Battersea Park. Elsewhere is good as well. Mobile 07849439947.
adamarla542524 Oct '12 Unrated14 Apr '09 I live near Paddington. Closest courts: Paddington Rec. Available most times of the weekday/weekend (mornings preferred).
gantonicci612530 May '14 6122 Nov '10 Ready to play anyone during the week after 7 pm and at the week end.thanks
fionaN1622526 May '14 36930 Jul '06 I've been playing regularly since Summer 2006, mainly in Islington Tennis Centre and Clissold Park. Am a member in ITC.
Dani77352506 Aug '11 Unrated17 Jun '09 I have just recently returned from a spell abroad and am looking for people to hit with around North-West London. I am pretty strong base line player and like to play with either women or men, who like long rallies and are keen to play solid matches.
fredericomota322520 Mar '09 Unrated26 Jun '07 No longer in the country.
cs001842513 Jul '14 51202 Oct '07 I'm 45 and in Chislehurst but I don't mind travelling within a mile radius for a game. My mobile is 07595 823298.
diperblu342520 Aug '11 Unrated08 Jun '08 I'm a member of the gardens tennis club in SW19, very close to Southfield tube station. Guest fee is 5 pounds. My game is quite descent club level to county level. Contact me if you want a friendly game. Send me a SMS at 07515379333, let me know
stingray204272528 Mar '14 9817 Apr '09 
Chappers402526 Nov '11 Unrated17 Jul '08 Based in Kennington. good groundstrokes and netplay, looking for good competitive opponents. Gimme a call on 07801 053 388.
Cook442518 Apr '14 20014 Oct '07 I can play any day. Prefer daytime. I typically play in Burgess Park.
maxcorradi512525 Apr '13 Unrated01 Nov '08 ***MOVED TO PARIS*** Will be able to play occasionally as I will return to London every couple months. To arrange text 07925240194 or drop a line.
kevinfoy432508 Sep '17 33511 May '09 Normally play at Wapping but happy to play anywhere within 4-5 miles. Work from home (Docklands) so can play most week days.
vilocaro412515 Jul '09 Unrated08 May '07 I LEFT LONDON IN 08/2009. thanks.Intermediate-advanced level.

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271 to 300 of 16073
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