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rcurnow1422307 Dec '11 Unrated21 Aug '09 I've moved away from London now
edd12352322 Apr '12 Unrated09 Jun '08 Looking to get back to into the game. I am 30 years old and used to play a decent standard at club level bodering county. Its been a while since I picked up a bat (see told you) and looking to play in leagues or with anyone who wants to have an enjoyable game... I live in Clapham so easier to get ar...
James Smith282328 Mar '12 Unrated04 Sep '09 I work in Notting Hill so can play anywhere in central London after work on week days. I also play at David Lloyd Tennis in Heston/Hounslow so can get access to indoor courts during the winter. My UK LTA rating is 5.2 so looking for find players of same standard or above to play competitive matche...
Louisclement332308 Jun '13 Unrated05 Sep '10 
rashaw402313 Feb '12 Unrated08 May '08 Mainly available at weekends but can play some evenings with notice. I work in Dorking so south of London is best.
ATPtour382304 Mar '12 Unrated13 Aug '08 Please don't hesitate to contact me for a game or training session.
panthero552324 Oct '10 Unrated30 Jun '08 Improver - lower intermediate level based in North London. Prefer to play in Muswell Hill, Finsbury Park, Bounds Green. Weekends or early mornings. Thanks
zchabe812302 Jul '14 40216 Dec '09 I'm in my early 20s and have been playing tennis for 2 years. I am intermediate-standard as I can hit all the shots consistently, but not proficiently. Have strongish serve. I'm normally free on Wednesday evening and weekends after 2 pm. Always up for a high-quality match. Please feel free to t...
flynico412306 Jul '12 Unrated03 Sep '10 
Irfan Ulhaq462323 May '11 Unrated02 Jan '09 hi im living in leyton at the moment dont mind where we play, i am a member at itc, just up for some friendly competitive games or some tennis training. i have been playing for about 8-9 years, and have had quite a few lessons. member at redbridge sports centre. Not in London at the moment.
mikeservent522329 Apr '14 29727 Sep '10 I'm 39 years old, and I usually play indoors at the Islington Tennis Centre. I've been playing for a few years, so am a reasonable standard. If anyone fancies a game at ITC please drop me a line.
vinnylfc372303 Apr '14 13001 Jun '11 Hi, happy to travel anywhere for a good game in London. I would prefer to play during the weekdays from 6pm onwards but would not rule out playing on weekends. Please get in touch, if you fancy a game via the website or by texting or calling 07904 806244. Vinny.
sivakumar392311 Jul '12 Unrated15 Oct '09 prefer to play around sutton / merton/ wimbledon/ kingston area
malib452322 Sep '12 Unrated17 Dec '06 I am a member of a Chadwell Heath Lawn tennis club and Redbridge High Performance Indoor Tennis Centre . I used to play county hardcourt singles for my county, I live in East London, and can play weekends or during the week in the evenings preferably indoors. If you are interested in a game or pra...
medinasuarez382304 Aug '13 11718 Jan '10 Hi everyone, I'm back in London, ready to play again. Keen to play around central and west London. Feel free to drop me an email in you want to play any evening or weekend.
mike52462317 Mar '14 45305 Jul '09 28-yrs old, bermondsey based and able to travel around south east london for a game, burgess park is my local. I used to play for a club when I was a kid, and I've played on and off at a recreational level since. Looking for partners of similar standard to improve and get fit! I can do weekends or ...
widmark282319 Jun '10 Unrated27 Mar '08 
John Priestley442302 Mar '14 48606 Aug '11 I am sixty, started playing tennis about five years ago, so not very good. But very keen and will give anyone a game. Live in Balham, member of Wigmore tennis club.
achristophorou262205 Jul '14 11123 Jun '13 I am a low advanced player getting back into tennis and looking for some games. I live in Queens Park so Paddington Rec, Queens Park and Chelmsford Square are my nearest courts. Get in touch if you fancy a match. Can play weekday evenings or weekends, and some weekday mornings.
Sophie V Whittall502230 Mar '14 60821 Mar '09 Hi i live in Nunhead in South East London and am looking to play some friendly games - singles or doubles in the evenings and at weekends. I used to play a lot and was a member of my local club in Thames Ditton but haven't played so much for a few years so I am a bit rusty
mpuccioni292203 Apr '14 1116 Apr '11 Camden Town based with flexible timetable, I usually play at Hampstead Heath (Parliament Hill, NW5) but happy to move around.
TennisCJD332227 Jun '10 Unrated12 Jun '09 
KatieJane642220 Aug '11 Unrated22 Mar '09 I'm a 31-year old female, intermediate level, up for meeting other players for hitting a ball around or practicing games. My work's near King's Cross and I live east so the best courts for me to play are Cartwright Gardens, Lincoln's Inn Fields & Highbury during the week (post-6pm, or potentially pr...
chowks412209 Jul '13 Unrated29 Jul '10 I'm Paul, 26 yrs old and looking for anyone mid-intermediate. Used to play tennis as a kid and young teen, but after a long break I'm just getting back into it. I live in Islington. Prepared to travel as long as it's not too far...
Alvaro342214 Jan '12 Unrated12 Mar '11 Hi, I am an improver and been playing most weekends since autumn 2010. Would like to play matches and practice with other players of similar level, male or female. Ideally in the Ealing/West London area, but can travel up to 30 mins if necessary. Thanks for reading. Alvaro
waldy2002382213 Sep '12 Unrated19 Apr '11 I'm 38 live in SW19. Usually play in Wimbledon Pk or King Georges. Available to play at any time during the week or weekend with a bit of notice.
pmattessi402221 Jul '13 17528 Jan '10 31 year old player who loves nothing more than a good crisp first-serve-first-volley combination.
julianop312230 May '09 Unrated16 Jul '08 I live in Islington, North London and I play often in Finsbury Park, but I don't mind traveling a bit. Contact me if you fancy a game, I am available to play most afternoons.
gman322230 Dec '08 Unrated05 Jul '07 Hi, my name is Gianni, I am 38 years old and I live in Blackheath (SE3). I love the game and would love to have a regular game or practice with anyone in the SE London area.I am fairly flexible with times, and don't mind a little travel.
Anthony Upton402202 Oct '11 Unrated02 Sep '09 Used to play at pretty strong level. Based in Kennington by the Imperial War Museum and the GMH courts. Pretty flexible on hours so let me know if you would like a game..

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331 to 360 of 16127
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