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paj10uk422318 Jun '14 18429 Jul '09 Hi, a good club player and looking to play in the evenings and weekends. I am located in south London between Sutton and Croydon. Feel free to contact me if you would like a game. Cheers.
JamesMac262312 Jan '11 Unrated01 Sep '09 I’m looking for regular games with High Intermediate and Club Level players. Happy to play anywhere in London.
widmark282319 Jun '10 Unrated27 Mar '08 
johnnyB662314 Jan '13 Unrated04 Jul '06 Hi, Im a 36 years old. I live in Soho. I generally play at Highbury Fields, but can play anywhere in Central London.
arducks262317 Apr '11 Unrated25 Oct '09 22 years old.. close to intermediate level.. looking to play in the Alperton/Hanger Lane area but can travel if not too far away..
volkl382315 Nov '13 39521 Jan '12 Improving recreational olayer based in Clapham South looking to play a variety of opponents. Flexible regarding the standard of players and moreover, available at short notice on weekends assuming reasonable distance to courts-07538881678
petterS392327 May '13 Unrated02 Jul '12 not really playing here anymore.
jdseter532320 Jul '14 11211 Feb '13 Closest courts to me are Larkhall Park, but I don't mind travelling. I can do weekday evenings and weekends.
mgsmith4392315 Sep '12 Unrated20 Feb '08 Male, 28yr old based in East Twickenham. Always on the look out for a game. I can play in the evenings from 7pm onwards or anytime at the weekend but generally prefer mornings.
adi302314 Mar '14 1231 Aug '08 
vito mazzeo232322 Jul '14 1717 Mar '09 I live in Enfield,North London,It's a great sport and I would like to meet and play people who have the same passion as me. I'm available on late afternoons,weekday evenings or weekends so do not hesitate to contact me if you want a game. Email me [email protected]
rcurnow1422307 Dec '11 Unrated21 Aug '09 I've moved away from London now
albert26262314 Jun '14 16631 May '13 Live next to Tottenham Hale station. Looking for someone to play with near N17 (Springfield Park/Down Lane Park if possible) Mon-Fri evening time and Sundays as well. Low intermediate, but improving (able to do some nice rallies) and keen to do some sport and have some fun. If anyone is intere...
James Smith282328 Mar '12 Unrated04 Sep '09 I work in Notting Hill so can play anywhere in central London after work on week days. I also play at David Lloyd Tennis in Heston/Hounslow so can get access to indoor courts during the winter. My UK LTA rating is 5.2 so looking for find players of same standard or above to play competitive matche...
edd12352322 Apr '12 Unrated09 Jun '08 Looking to get back to into the game. I am 30 years old and used to play a decent standard at club level bodering county. Its been a while since I picked up a bat (see told you) and looking to play in leagues or with anyone who wants to have an enjoyable game... I live in Clapham so easier to get ar...
Louisclement332308 Jun '13 Unrated05 Sep '10 
zchabe812302 Jul '14 40216 Dec '09 I'm in my early 20s and have been playing tennis for 2 years. I am intermediate-standard as I can hit all the shots consistently, but not proficiently. Have strongish serve. I'm normally free on Wednesday evening and weekends after 2 pm. Always up for a high-quality match. Please feel free to t...
ATPtour382304 Mar '12 Unrated13 Aug '08 Please don't hesitate to contact me for a game or training session.
Bernie582215 Jul '14 43811 Nov '09 Intermediate standard, living in Stoke Newington so my local courts are Springfield Park, Clissold Park, Hackney Downs or Finsbury Park. Available evenings / weekends - call/text on 07940 546787 or email [email protected] Like to play as often as possible
rdrew242202 Jul '13 Unrated13 Jan '12 I now live in SE5, nearest courts to me are Burgess Park but I don't mind travelling within reason. My rating is 5.2, I played county tennis as a junior (Yorkshire). I'm usually free in the week from 6pm and some weekends. Rich.
Mikey Mike502204 Jul '14 21605 May '12 
Ben Speed622215 Dec '13 48007 Jan '07 Hi I'm looking for regular players in Peckham South East London. Cheers Ben
stephensanderscourt542225 Nov '12 Unrated04 Aug '10 Based in Muswell Hill these days. Reasonably new to taking up Tennis but can hold a decent rally. Am prone to getting upset with myself but am actively working on that. Keen to play as many games as possible.
garfy55312205 Jul '11 Unrated18 Mar '09 Based in Twickenham. Happy to hit a fuzzy yellow ball
lechs522210 Aug '13 57215 Nov '08 Hi, I am a lower intermediate player. I live very close to Cartwright Gardens courts now and I'd like to find someone to play with there.
Jacklondon00552217 Jan '14 3929 Jun '11 I am away for the winter holidays and will be doing a lot of traveling the following months, so unfortunately won't be around to play.
juliant382230 Jun '11 Unrated22 Sep '08 
niftyneville1412204 Jul '14 58009 Nov '08 living in Golders Green NW2 can travel mornings or pm mon-fri against similar opponents call or message me 07412215111 or email to confirm a game.thanks
achristophorou262205 Jul '14 11123 Jun '13 I am a low advanced player getting back into tennis and looking for some games. I live in Queens Park so Paddington Rec, Queens Park and Chelmsford Square are my nearest courts. Get in touch if you fancy a match. Can play weekday evenings or weekends, and some weekday mornings.
mpuccioni292203 Apr '14 1116 Apr '11 Camden Town based with flexible timetable, I usually play at Hampstead Heath (Parliament Hill, NW5) but happy to move around.

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331 to 360 of 16100
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