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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
JohnD74241627 Mar '12 Unrated20 Jun '11 Back in the UK. Can play most weekends.
Sergio2012191611 Jan '14 13609 Jun '12 I used to play tennis a few years ago. I have not played for a while. Looking forward to being in touch and playing again. Regards.
paulnghi321608 May '11 Unrated13 Jun '07 Based in Balham and keen to play on weekend mornings.
sachin_sony371620 Jul '14 34326 Apr '13 Semi Professional Player Having Occasionally Represented My Club. Based Out Of South East London And Willing To Travel.Preference To Lawn And Clay Courts. Right Handed. Enjoy Singles, Doubles And Mixed Doubles.
nsandhu5431621 Dec '12 Unrated24 May '09 Live in Enfield, North London. Play at a decent level. Willing to travel upto 10 miles. If you want a match please contact me on this number: 07814967059.
nezbit13281627 Apr '13 Unrated18 Jul '06 Live within walking distance of Clissold Park, play a bit but wouldn't call myself a pro.
omjaikali291621 Jun '14 37609 Jan '11 At uni now in Loughborough, but still available during holidays (summer, winter and easter). Especially looking for matches in next few months - until mid-September. Hoping to play singles matches against similar or higher ability players, male or female. My ratings about ITN 4/5. 21, female.
renato301631 May '10 Unrated22 Apr '09 Living in Putney, SW London but willing to travel for a good match with players with similar standard.
I can normally play weekdays after 7pm or weekends at any time.
07947834507 - [email protected]
Mariner79211621 Oct '12 Unrated02 Jul '09 Wandsworth based
Spindoctor231630 May '12 Unrated10 Mar '08 Male in mid thirties, played competively until 8 years ago, now a little rusty but keen on playing again. Looking for anyone that is ready for a good friendly workout on the court. Also interested in joining a club and league. I'm still new in the area, but live in Angel/Islington and ready to play ...
chastings381627 Nov '09 Unrated29 Mar '05 Now moved to Weybridge so up for playing any games with anyone around this area. Would like to play as much as possible and work from home meaning I am able to play afternoons if that suits.
ajalaw411612 Feb '09 Unrated14 Apr '07 Hi, I offer a racquet restringing service in and around North/Central London Providing a variety of strings at very competitive prices. Strings/Prices: (including stringing service) ---- Polys ---- Tecnifibre Pro RedCode - £17 Kirschbaum Spiky Shark - £16 Topspin Cyberflash - £15 Top...
Gidz331621 Mar '10 Unrated26 Feb '08 I'm 25 and haven't played tennis regularly for years so the more I can play the better. Currently capable but very rusty.
jhubbard201628 Jun '11 Unrated04 Sep '06 I am club level players, plays regularly for the Men's and Mixed teams at Burgess park. I would like to play with players of advanced standard, I am available to play most evenings, can play against male/female/mixed.
DanKing281604 Dec '12 Unrated28 Jul '09 Based in N4, Finsbury Park. 28 yrs old. decent standard- used to play a lot as a junior but not played for a few years. Want to get back in to playing singles at a decent level.
Alex80471611 Dec '10 Unrated10 Jul '10 Hi, my name is Alessandro. Unfortunately i left london (13-12-2010). Thanks to all my tennis partners and whoever run this wellorganized website. I might coming back on holiday so keep in touch and keep playing tennis!! Bye Alex
jorky461630 Oct '11 Unrated17 Jul '10 am 25 years,polish,lov to play tennis with friends and good standards of in uk for few months,stay with friends.Am improved to ITN 5.Coached.
MrK341605 Apr '14 54415 Mar '09 Hi my name is Kilian I am 34 years old - have been playing most summers on and off on weekends singles and doubles most recently. prefer singles. interested in improving my game when playing other opponents and styles and getting in some consistency. mostly playing to enjoy the game though... PS l...
dbrown14231630 Jan '12 Unrated10 Jan '11 I'm 41 this year (2011) and am a keen club tennis player. I am self employed so am normally able to play both in the daytime and evenings. I enjoy doubles but prefer singles.
sw1fty78261627 Oct '12 Unrated10 Mar '11 I live London Fields in Hackney. I Work 9:30 - 5:30 ish. Most weekday mornings 7am - 9am are most convenient for me. My preferred courts are Hackney Downs but am normally happy to cycle most places. I can sometimes play evenings and weekends as well.
Dostik231615 Jul '11 Unrated25 Sep '09 based in west hampstead. call or text 077 2507 0129 to arrange a game. regards, nurlan
toumthis251626 Oct '13 29327 Feb '12 i play in west ham and around east london. i am an intermediate level player.
jayt291629 Feb '12 Unrated12 Jul '06 Hi,36yr old,looking to get back into playing.Haven't played competitively for 8 yrs due to injury,but keen to get cracking again!!live in wandsworth,but can travel to surrounding area.keen to just hit some balls or a few matches to see if there is anything left!!Used to play reasonable standard,prob...
tennislife281603 Sep '10 Unrated22 Oct '08 Looking to hear from serious match players and or hitting partners, as I am looking to work hard and improve my tennis! I Also offer a very fast and reliable Stringing Service + Coaching sessions!!! Get In Touch Ashley
dannycookie221622 Apr '12 Unrated05 Jun '11 Living in grays, so looking to play around barking park or near by
Pete T461602 Oct '11 Unrated14 Aug '08 I used to play a lot of tennis as when I was younger but stopped playing when I was about 16/17 as I started college and didn't have much time for it. I'm now 23, have just finished a degree, and am looking to get back into playing some tennis now I have some more spare time. I'm very rusty and de...
oslo251625 Oct '09 Unrated11 Oct '08 Any players that know me - I am away from London for the foreseeable future - I will update my profile when I know when I am next around.....Cheers Alex.
caiseygilles261617 Jul '14 13830 Apr '05 i m 32, i live around sw2 i have been playing for 7 years.
MJBS211631 May '12 Unrated31 May '10 Left handed 35 y/o male looking to play weekday evenings after work (from 6pm) and weekends. Live right by King Edward Memorial Park (also known as Shadwell Park) in Wapping but happy to travel within reason. Probably ITN 5 standard but happy to play with people (M or F) of all abilities, better or ...
daz_li331602 Feb '14 47218 Aug '10 I'm 26 and live in Ham, Richmond. I am of an intermediate standard and usually play locally but will travel anywhere in SW London for a game. Weekends are usually best but might be able to make some evenings as well. Would like to improve my game by playing with new players therefore give me a shout...

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511 to 540 of 16058
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