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DanKing281604 Dec '12 Unrated28 Jul '09 Based in N4, Finsbury Park. 28 yrs old. decent standard- used to play a lot as a junior but not played for a few years. Want to get back in to playing singles at a decent level.
Alex80471611 Dec '10 Unrated10 Jul '10 Hi, my name is Alessandro. Unfortunately i left london (13-12-2010). Thanks to all my tennis partners and whoever run this wellorganized website. I might coming back on holiday so keep in touch and keep playing tennis!! Bye Alex
jorky461630 Oct '11 Unrated17 Jul '10 am 25 years,polish,lov to play tennis with friends and good standards of in uk for few months,stay with friends.Am improved to ITN 5.Coached.
MrK341605 Apr '14 54415 Mar '09 Hi my name is Kilian I am 34 years old - have been playing most summers on and off on weekends singles and doubles most recently. prefer singles. interested in improving my game when playing other opponents and styles and getting in some consistency. mostly playing to enjoy the game though... PS l...
dbrown14231630 Jan '12 Unrated10 Jan '11 I'm 41 this year (2011) and am a keen club tennis player. I am self employed so am normally able to play both in the daytime and evenings. I enjoy doubles but prefer singles.
sw1fty78261627 Oct '12 Unrated10 Mar '11 I live London Fields in Hackney. I Work 9:30 - 5:30 ish. Most weekday mornings 7am - 9am are most convenient for me. My preferred courts are Hackney Downs but am normally happy to cycle most places. I can sometimes play evenings and weekends as well.
Dostik231615 Jul '11 Unrated25 Sep '09 based in west hampstead. call or text 077 2507 0129 to arrange a game. regards, nurlan
Tennis-Geek85161528 Jun '11 Unrated17 Sep '10 I'm a 25 year old student, with very decent level, and I just moved to London. Played since I was 10, and did quite a few tournaments up until last year. rnIt's not a bother for me to move about, in the East London area although would prefer to play in Leyton. I'm looking for partners to rally or to...
dimitri1211530 Jul '11 Unrated20 Mar '10 Used to play a lot of tennis at school but have dropped the intensity since then. Want to get back into it and am looking for some good games. Based in Pimlico, nearest tennis courts in Battersea Park.
jezh231523 Jun '14 11013 Feb '06 Hi there - I've just returned to London after several years in Dubai, so I'm in need of some decent practise partners. Also keen to arrange some regular match play - singles and doubles. I was playing division 1 a few years ago in Perth, had a few years off and was playing division 2 just before I...
bisd631520 Jul '14 61414 Oct '08 Improving recreational player who lives near Canary Wharf but doesn't mind travelling. I have reasonable flat and topspin forehands but backhand and service still needs work. I also enjoy coming to the net. I am quite happy to play with anyone who fancies it. I am free to play any time weekdays and ...
mattbrown25281515 Sep '13 36227 May '10 Age 23, just moved to Clapham, London. Used to play a lot of tennis up until sixth form then stopped playing at university. Looking to take the sport up again and hopefully enter some competitions. Would be interested in playing anyone of similar intermediate standard to get my practice up! Would be...
Ferg241504 Sep '10 Unrated06 Mar '09 32 y/o. Ideally play in SW london Balham/Clap area but can travel. During week can play in Kennington. Looking for low key or competitive singles with players who hit well and consistently. Can play weekdays after 7 or most weekends anytime. Contact me on 07803037532 or on this site.
richardparrott01161523 Sep '11 Unrated31 Jan '11 Averagely active 36 year old who was good at tennis 18 years ago and have got steadily worse ever since. Can still serve, hold a rally and put up some resistance. Looking to find a way to play consistently again once or twice a week. I'm available on Wednesdays during the day and evenings and weeke...
zliaqat221522 Sep '10 Unrated17 Jul '05 Intermediate player...have been playing tennis for a number of years - looking for regular tennis most evenings or weekends and the odd afternoon. Live in waterloo area mobile 07739140327
darius311517 May '14 18927 Nov '08 36 years, club level player living in Woking. Would be happy to play singles on weekday evenings in Wimbledon/SW London or on weekdays/weekends in Woking/Guildford area.
nelse411513 Jul '14 26501 Sep '12 Level 5 player looking to play matches or practice in the evenings during the week or at weekends. Would prefer to play near Richmond but also a member at Clapham Common.
mizokawa281530 Oct '11 Unrated21 Aug '08 Living in Baker St. and usually playing tennis at the Paddington Rec at Maida Vale.
Maz441525 Oct '09 Unrated15 Feb '09 I'm in nz now, if you're in the southern hemisphere and up for a game drop me a line :)
Gato7231503 Sep '11 Unrated24 Jul '09 Hi - I am a tennis enthusiast available for games mainly at the weekend.
Jamesrlmunro251505 Sep '13 26203 Jan '09 I am interested in playing weekends and weekday evenings. I usually play Wimbledon Park, Clap common courts or Battersea park -the first being the easier to book! I like a good warm up and a semi-competitive set or two. Also up for double matches. All my previous tennis partners have emigrated or go...
John Mark201529 May '14 17916 Feb '13 I'm out of London for a while.
peg2513181509 Aug '11 Unrated06 Apr '11 Im pablo gonzalez, very good skills, consistent game. Im living in chiswick.Cheers.
mikie241529 Sep '12 Unrated30 Jun '10 I am an intermediate player, am up for friendly games and or rallying - can travel but near Holborn (Lincoln's Inn fields) or around East / South East London are good for weekday evenings and weekends.
Kiro2023191512 Mar '11 Unrated16 May '09 have played 10 years in club a long time ago (level 30/1 in France), so level ok but almost haven't played these past years. Started to play in league last year. Now moved to Cambridge so limited possibilities to play in London...
shane27191505 Oct '12 Unrated11 Jul '09 My name is Cedric, I'm 29. I would be interested in playing tennis at a recreationnal level. Ideally I want to find 1 or 2 mates with the same standard, in order to be able to play 3 or 4 times a month.
FedWannabe281521 Jul '13 21408 Apr '10 Hi, I'm Gareth, looking for practice drills or matches with strong-ish club players.
KillDaNoobz401510 Jul '13 Unrated18 Jul '07 I am nearly 30, based in Lewisham, like to play at least once a week, I can play most weekends. Singles/doubles. I have good intermediate skills. Matt
colin1201515 Apr '10 Unrated07 Jul '09 Hit or play most times.Preferable west london,will travel,good club std
martynwb281509 Jul '14 41705 Jul '11 I live in Oval and can play on most courts in South london.

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541 to 570 of 16058
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