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KillDaNoobz401510 Jul '13 Unrated18 Jul '07 I am nearly 30, based in Lewisham, like to play at least once a week, I can play most weekends. Singles/doubles. I have good intermediate skills. Matt
colin1201515 Apr '10 Unrated07 Jul '09 Hit or play most times.Preferable west london,will travel,good club std
martynwb281509 Jul '14 41705 Jul '11 I live in Oval and can play on most courts in South london.
gandy241501 Aug '13 26320 Jan '12 SE London. Message me for a game.
dionysus421508 Apr '11 Unrated16 Jan '07 I am an advanced tennis player, I would like to play matches around north London. I am usually available on the weekday afternoons and evenings and on the weekends. Call me or e-mail me when you want to play. 07503521519
Steven005371521 Aug '12 Unrated27 Jul '10 Reasonable level, should be atleast able to give most players an ok game. Can play weekends only at the moment.
Gablo391511 Oct '18 39708 Jul '12 Hello, my name is Gabriele, I am 31yo and looking for tennis matches generally on evenings and weekends. I am now based around Greenwich so keen to play there. I consider myself an intermediate attacking player with potential to improve. Text me at 07774637409. cheers
bflan44251509 Mar '11 Unrated07 Apr '08 Hi am 31 year old male, I live in Clapham Common area and am looking to play weekly singles tennis in evening or at weekend. Played alot until was about 24, played grade 3 league tennis regularly and alot of competitions at local club. Have not played regularly for quite a while but would like to g...
Nico86271527 Jul '13 24130 Jan '11 Hi, I've played lots in the past, and have kept up my tennis intermittently for about 7 years now, so a bit rusty, but looking to get back into playing regularly! I'd like to play singles or doubles, am free at weekends, and can be free at certain times during the week to!
juanjo471530 Sep '12 Unrated07 May '07 Intermediate
buski569351520 Apr '14 14506 Jun '07 I played national tournaments in NZ until 18. I am now in my 30s and getting back into it - still fairly strong if playing regularly.
cincino381511 May '12 Unrated26 Oct '07 
robertoduran100171407 Jun '11 Unrated12 Jun '09 tennis amateur
Makeready221428 Sep '10 Unrated03 Sep '09 Pretty average player and have been playing on and off for the last 10 years or so. Looking to get back into the swing of things. 07747 563 143
shak12481413 Nov '11 Unrated19 Jul '10 new to area,been playing and having lessons (off coach) for 3-4yrs .play at bexleyheath TC and danson and would play other areas,love the game.24yrs old.
sergio123491423 Feb '13 Unrated02 Jul '11 I am a 34 years Old Italian guy and I have been playing regularly for the past 2 years. If you think your tennis level is similar to mine please ring me and we can go playing! I am available for playing during the week-end and also sometime during the week. I usually play in the East London area (Bo...
poshella761412 Oct '11 Unrated16 Jul '08 I live in london and want to compete in friendly matches, with players in the same playing range as myself.
JohnBuzz431427 Nov '09 Unrated25 Aug '08 I am looking for someone, male or female, to play tennis with on a regular basis. I am reasonably fit,and I would like to develop skill, technique and strategy at the game. I can play almost anywhere in central or east London. John (07943122419).
flowjoe100161405 Jun '12 Unrated18 Feb '11 Im Joe, im 25 and live and work in Hackney & Bethnal Green. Im often free during the week and also at weekends as I do shiftwork. Im interested in playing singles games around East London. If that sounds good, message me or give me a call on 07812512929.
vamosono17341430 Jun '09 Unrated22 Aug '07 I am a very serious and focused tennis player with a specific program in place to enhance my development. I am my own coach and compete and perform to a high standard on the mens circuit in LTA tournaments. i am a fit athletic player and prefer to play with players with a rating of 8.2 or...
krohnney201421 Jun '11 Unrated10 Aug '09 Available and keen to play anytime on weekends.
branis271422 Sep '10 Unrated15 Mar '10 
RalphBM361409 Mar '14 39630 Mar '12 I live in Oval, near Kennington Park, great for the tennis courts there. Easy access. I love playing tennis competitively. Looking to play as much as possible so feel free to get in touch.
costner201410 May '14 12517 Apr '09 Hi, I'm looking for double tennis parteners for competitions , 3 miles SE6.
MamyIaly151407 Jul '14 128 Apr '09 I am now back from Madagascar, I am number 2 in my country and 4.2 LTA ranked in the UK, staying in the UK from 20 June to 8 July. If you want to play, send me a message.
Kevinjohnson361403 Jul '12 Unrated13 Jun '11 Hello! I'm 30 years old and I want to find opponents to have fun with tennis.
adnankahn211416 Jan '11 Unrated09 May '09 
Nickd1261415 Nov '09 Unrated14 Jun '08 36 Year old male tennis and squash player looking to play closer to home. I was county table tennis player when I was about 10 !, then no racket sports for a long time and got back in to tennis about 5 years ago. I suppose I am decent mid intermediate capable of a very good hit, decent (ish) serve a...
Kjetil Gyberg341408 Aug '13 27401 Oct '09 I live in Barnes and would prefer to play with male players of the same or slightly higher level of ability in a near-by area (Barnes, Hammersmith, Putney, Chiswick).
asish2411251415 May '14 23419 Aug '12 32 yr old..been playing since my childhood. been on and off..looking to play regularly. Moved to Greenwich recently, happy to bike a reasonable distance for a game, anyone interested can text me on 07887 521 246.

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571 to 600 of 16058
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