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Russian Standart1297222 Feb '14 44804 Aug '08 
Justincredible19862727224 Jul '14 46107 Jan '09 Hello, my name is Justin and I am always looking for new people to have a good match with. My home court is at Harrow Recreational Ground but I often travel to other courts across London as I work in Canary Wharf so I don't mind traveling reasonable distances. I am available to play at the momen...
simon79751237208 Sep '12 Unrated02 Oct '06 Middle intermediate player. I play for fun and to burn some calories. Nothing too serious. I am available to play at Nursery Road Playing Fields near South Wimbledon stn. Please drop me a line if you want to have a game.
Terra Rossa1557103 May '14 17031 Mar '09 Clay court specialist with access to shale courts in Crouch End, N8, but enjoy playing on hard courts both indoor and outdoor
wvolvo1227123 Dec '13 24522 Aug '09 Playing for fun. Love playing over weekends or weekday evenings after work. I change my workplace often, currently Batersea area so courts around suits me best weekdays evenings. Weekends prefer around home area but for good fun can go even to Flushing Meadows Park:).
Leeban946905 Aug '12 Unrated25 Mar '09 Wanna "Hit" Email me i will make you sweattttttt!! :P
danielmarkusson936915 Jun '14 4006 Oct '07 Live close to liverpool street. Prefer playing in east/central but happy to travel a bit. Mornings, weekends and sometimes short notice!
MARK BILD2716823 Sep '13 45907 Jan '11 
2012Tennis1706801 Jul '14 41815 Aug '07 Feel free to contact me if you fancy a hit. Am currently available Saturday morning and some weekday evenings. I can play at Southwark Park or Hornfair Park. Please get in touch.
vince8starr976823 Jul '14 7926 Nov '07 I'm based in Ham, Richmond, TW10 7RS and looking for people to play in the week daytime. My local free courts are King Georges Park in Ham Street, Richmond, TW10 7RS. Car parking is available. My mobile is 07817 135 472. Here's some good tennis tips and training websites: http://www.procomparete...
latinoace806615 Jul '12 Unrated11 Oct '08 I'm Diego, looking to play a bit more tennis this year, would like to play weekends only within east or central london....D
Jack1506610 Mar '14 28907 Sep '06 Based in Richmond - love to play .... any time, any weather ; free during the day ... or early mornings ... or evenings ... and at short notice.
graemeleeson1116531 Jul '11 Unrated23 Mar '09 
JJSevilla866415 Feb '13 Unrated22 Aug '11 ***INJURED*** I love the game. Always keen to play and improve ***INJURED***
slidinganddiving1036402 May '14 14804 Jan '07 Waterloo, 32 yr old male, looking to play a couple of times a week - only available weekday evenings and most weekends!
zeppe2026312 Aug '17 46720 Oct '08 My name is Giuseppe Passino, class '81. I'd like to play friendly with anyone who loves the game. I can consistently hit the ball, shoot with some depth, tend to play on the baseline. Always willing to learn! :) Contacts: email: [email protected] mob.: 0784 7679671
Pawel Kasprzak856308 Oct '12 Unrated25 Mar '08 Live in SE12. Can play weekday evenings from 530pm or weekends, ideally in a local area.
antopol73876329 Jan '10 Unrated23 Nov '07 hi, i used to play when i was younger and now i am getting back into playing tennis again. I' m a member of David Lloyd's in raynes park ,where i have access to indoor tennis courts. I m free to play weekends or evenings.
Thebest1406210 May '14 40015 Mar '09 Thebest only by nickname, the reallity is that I am far from it! I am an intermediate player from south London, looking for friendly matches, I am free onevenings and weekends. If you want to play drop me a line. Mobile 07900538986, If contacting by phone please tell me your site user name. PS:...
MarcoPoloCX756213 Oct '12 Unrated20 Jan '12 Intermediate player... looking for others to practice or play friendly matches... have not picked up a racket for a while so I am a little rusty. Prefer courts at Tanner st, Telegraph hill, Ladywell, Hilly Fields, Greenwich, Shadwell, Rosemary gardens , Clapham but can be flexible.
DinnisR1336101 Jul '14 51023 Sep '03 I live near Gravesend, Kent. Have been LTL member for more than six years. Especially enjoy the League competitions but always pleased to play friendlies as well. Usually play my London Tennis League matches in London and travelling is no problem.
Darren I1176014 Jul '14 34217 Mar '06 Looking to play friendly and league matches against good club players. I'm a member at Sutton Tennis center which has indoor courts. All challenges of players above average standard welcome. Registered with the LTA 103453659 I'm also a LTA Level 2 & FA level 1 coach. I'm CRB checked, with insuran...
galatia78836015 Feb '13 Unrated03 Sep '07 Can play weekday evenings after 6 pm and weekend early mornings from 7am. I don't mind if singles or doubles.
jnrmat1286005 Jun '14 34011 Jun '08 Intermediate player. Looking to play in Beckenham/Croydon area. Happy to have games or hitting sessions. Currently available weekdays and weekend mornings
zimby1195819 Jul '14 58821 Aug '12 
parky241265711 Aug '13 29930 Jan '09 Looking for games around Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Herne Hill area. Around middle intermediate and above.
dib1505620 May '14 14123 Mar '06 High Intermediate player (used to play Club level) with all around ground play, love to come to the net! Available to play with decent players, Middle Intermediate and up. Interested in playing drills and/or friendly matches. Home court is Paddington Recreation Grounds and can book 6 days in Advanc...
tennis991695507 May '13 Unrated31 Dec '06 Hey i'm Daniel, 38 and i live in Rotherhithe. i'm looking for anyone of intermediate club standard to hit with and maybe some match practice as well. i'm flexible and willing to travel. i play normally in kennington park , tanner street, burgess park and southwark park. i also love a good game of do...
WesMups985502 Nov '13 23704 Jul '07 Decent player and still improving. Get in touch if you fancy a match, Sat, Weekday evenings or Sun afternoons
jot815407 Jun '13 Unrated23 Nov '09 Based in Brockley (SE4), so Ladywell, Telegraph Hill, Hilly Fields, Burgess park and Belair are my local courts. Keen to play as regularly as possible,playing singles and improving, generally free in weekday evenings/ early mornings and some weekends.

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61 to 90 of 16127
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