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dalkin1989724120 Jul '14 4414 Sep '11 My name is Chris, I am 25 and keen to play in South/ Central London. I have played club and university tennis and am looking to play competitive matches. Happy to play evenings and weekends and am willing to travel a short distance. Message me if you are keen to play.
robb994008 Mar '14 20918 Jul '08 Local to Queens Park and Paddington Rec grounds, intermediate level and looking to play regularly, available mainly weekends but can play a midweek evening game with notice. Preferred courts: Kilburn Grange and Chelmsford Square
ruderbal19781034002 Nov '12 Unrated09 Jul '09 None shall pass
James Rafferty694003 Oct '11 Unrated04 Oct '08 Living in Hampshire, near Basingstoke, and looking for singles friendlies in this and the surrounding area. Please drop me a line if you are interested in a singles match. My level is 6/7 - intermediate.
Stevie Sleeves1054018 Mar '14 34721 Jun '11 Hi tennis fans, I'm based in East London and always looking for people of a similar level to play matches with. I work freelance so am often available midweek, as well as the usual times. Preferred courts are Hackney Downs, Victoria Park and Clissold Park. But I'm ok to bike for 30 minutes to your ...
kieranzor564011 Jun '14 17728 May '11 Casual 31 year old player living in Farringdon. Can play on weekdays and weekends within a few miles of Farringdon.
twcc2984013 Jul '14 37511 Jul '05 Hi, I live in Central London and would like to have hitting partners around the intermediate/advanced level borderline.
wycliffe634022 Jul '14 11909 Jul '12 always up for a game will travel reasonably distance. local courts east london.
Adam888543915 Jul '14 1801 Aug '13 Please, what matters most is for you to win with GRACE and be able to handle losses! Message me for a good competitive game! Preferably very strong opponents only! And as this country is extremely windy it being an Island please no matches in a "storm" (wind speeds over 10 miles an hour) as this ha...
adammoulder863905 Apr '14 12613 Jul '09 I have been playing tennis for about 18 years. I played for my university team a little bit and my club team a bit too. I can play around Balham, Clapham, Wandsworth, Putney, Barnes. Oh and Wimbledon.
ellerslie623917 Apr '14 23906 Feb '11 48, Wilton Tennis Club member.
KRad933923 Jan '11 Unrated29 Mar '06 
rprescott473812 Apr '14 27518 Mar '10 Available again for singles matches
squiresean923804 Jul '14 46003 Jul '08 Good recreational player. Recently moved to Croydon. Keen to hit and/or match play. Happy to be contacted by email [email protected] or via this site
danuvius683814 Jun '13 Unrated05 Jul '11 I am based in Wimbledon and happy to play singles @Westside or Wimbledon Park.
Chris Moreton803808 Jun '18 Unrated10 Apr '05 London Tennis website developer and adminstrator (although please direct all questions regarding leagues, knockouts or tennis holidays to Paul Barton!).
Patrick Webb533802 Jun '12 Unrated16 Jul '10 Intermediate player looking for games, based at Clapham South. Weekends and weekday evenings are best for me.
LambP753820 Mar '12 Unrated23 Sep '03 I can play during weekday evenings, usually around 7 to 9pm. I am also free to play Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon/evening. I am a member at Wimbledon Park and also at Sheen Lawn Tennis Club so am able to book courts there if you would like a match. Thanks, Phil
kdeback663705 Jul '14 23626 May '09 I'm 30 years old and started playing tennis when I was 7. I haven't always played regularly, but never spent more than a few months without playing tennis, so I think I have a very decent level, which I would like to improve by playing more regularly. I am available evenings and weekends, so don't h...
Jonathan Woolf713710 Dec '12 Unrated28 Jul '09 mcenroe era lefty playing 2-3 times a week. Ex Middx County squad.
bpanther35423718 Aug '13 11620 Sep '08 Previously a regular player but recently reduced to playing a handful of games each summer. Available anytime weekdays and weekends.
mariuscalu463719 Jul '14 2014 Apr '10 Advanced player. I live in Leyton/Stratford- I can play Stratford Park, Abbotts Park and other nearby courts. Looking for good good hitting partners and/or matches.
kenobi643711 Sep '11 Unrated26 May '09 33 year old, haven't played for 3 years and now looking to pick up the racket again (May 2014). I live in Hackney and work mainly in North London, so courts in those areas should be ok. Looking for players of similar standard. Prefer Clissold Park, London Fields, Hackney Downs, Millfields, Spring Hi...
terry mac653708 Feb '13 Unrated23 Nov '09 Veteran player,been playing singles and doubles for number of years now,looking for different opponents in my area,weekday mornings and early weekends,many thanks.
bradarthur393712 Aug '09 Unrated10 Jun '08 Moved to Bristol and looking for any games here!!!
liketennis533718 Mar '12 Unrated04 Jul '09 Last year was first season back after a long break. Looking forward to having some good games! I am flexible with times.
gskyrme683608 Sep '12 Unrated05 Sep '06 Live 5 minutes from Wimbledon Park, Age 30, Club standard, had an operation las November and am finally looking to get back into matches although I might need some practice first. Looking for informal games/practice and to enter competitions/leagues. Ideal place to play would be Wimbledon Park, ...
jazzamor1013621 Jul '14 56512 Jul '07 I'm 33. Low intermediate player in good days, otherwise could be considered as a good recreational one. Playing in Sheen, Putney, Richmond, Kew Gardens. Trying to play as much as I can.
shaun1984593612 Sep '13 32726 Jul '11 Hi there... started playing tennis about 18 months ago. Looking for playing partners in South London - Brockwell Park, Burgess Park. Imperial War Museum, Ferndale Sports Centre etc.... I play at an intermediate level and am available evenings and weekend. Cheers Shaun
krutoi813609 May '13 Unrated10 Apr '11 Solid and improving. Available each weekend, Saturday and Sunday. North and Central London courts are preferred - Arnos park, Burgess park, Islington Tennis Centre, Rosemary Gardens, Finsbury, Highbury Fields, etc, I can travel for booked courts match. I can also play during week at 6/6.30pm eith...

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151 to 180 of 16058
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