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krutoi813609 May '13 Unrated10 Apr '11 Solid and improving. Available each weekend, Saturday and Sunday. North and Central London courts are preferred - Arnos park, Burgess park, Islington Tennis Centre, Rosemary Gardens, Finsbury, Highbury Fields, etc, I can travel for booked courts match. I can also play during week at 6/6.30pm eith...
PaulC853621 Apr '14 21018 Jun '08 Age 38, I work in Canary Wharf and live near Bromley. Been playing all my life but I'm out of practice. Would prefer to play weekends or weekday evenings, somewhere in south-east or east London. I play at Bromley Wendover TC. 07711 104844
AndrewSha843524 May '12 Unrated01 Mar '08 Low Intermediate level and live in South Norwood. Can play most days at present. Call or Txt 07543 738 766 to arrange a game.
fokoob953514 Sep '13 4808 May '07 I usually play at Islington Tennis Centre
LEOYAMA673524 Jan '14 11823 Aug '06 
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Les Bridge453504 Aug '11 Unrated21 Feb '09 I'm 40 years old, looking to play singles matches or have practice hits to keep fit. I can play most weekends and also some weekday afternoons. I usually play at Lammas Club in Ealing but can travel if needed.
tomjessup643520 Mar '09 Unrated27 Dec '06 I have enjoyed playing London Tennis matches, but I only play at Spencer Club now so I'm not really up for games with people I don't know.
mar563522 Jun '12 Unrated14 Feb '09 
mromano903422 Jul '14 38825 Aug '07 I love playing tennis. I do enjoy playing and have a flexible schedule during weekdays and most w/e when I am in London. I live near Southwark Park but I am willing to meet and play also elsewhere. I think I am now a ITV 7 or 6 depending on the day :O) Contact me, Mario. M.07766706423
oscard793402 Sep '13 39006 Nov '11 I am Male 26 based in E1. I am looking for singles game or good practice hitting. 07805034628
benyamen433410 Jun '14 7724 Jul '06 I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.
tahirmirza553417 Jul '14 8804 Aug '09 
fatboy583408 Jun '13 Unrated14 Jul '08 living near balham, an enthusiastic intermediate player, have been in london for 4 years (from NZ), looking for games after work or on weekends, to up my standard a bit ... rate myself ITN 6, but could make 5 if i had more consistency :)
zoard7383428 Aug '10 Unrated02 Feb '09 Based in East London, Wanstead. 07818046673
LKhan583329 Sep '13 13902 Jul '07 I live near Kingston and am available to play at evenings and weekends.
jonjonfuk1393326 Jun '14 55529 Jan '09 35 y male in Chadwell Heath,Romford area., I'm a member in David Lloyd in Chigwell but i have access to all David Lloyd Clubs.I'm also member of Redbridge Sports Centre, my mobile 07912941789
robbiehoc633309 Jun '12 Unrated08 May '06 am 43 and play in wandsworth putney & Surrounding areas and am looking to play people any age from high immediate to club player Am free to play from 3pm wed to fridays
praphan2002683302 Apr '13 Unrated05 Nov '07 Hi i live in clapham common i'm 32 years old, like to play single during the week or weekend esp sunday. i play regularly in clapham common. no.07508032741
bloghopperuk573328 Apr '14 16208 Jul '09 Clapham male, keen intermediate tennis player. Happy to play a match or just rally/practice. Can play weekday evenings or weekends.
CHRISLW1976593201 Jul '10 Unrated16 May '09 LIVING IN AUSTRALIA NOW. I'm beginner/intermediate based Wimbledon looking to get back playing after 4 year break. Available weekday evenings from 5 onwards and weekends. Chris - 07958 220643
polaquetal353311 Jul '14 426 Apr '13 hi, my name is olivier, i play usually in Islington tennis center, but open to any area when i spend we in london. still play a bit in France ( ranked 15/1).
Anglo Torro1123321 Dec '12 Unrated18 May '04 Looking to play as much as possible. Being half Spanish, I am a baseliner. Player to a high intermediate to advanced level. I am looking for hitting practice as well as competitive singles matches
jpfmatos503218 Jul '13 17217 May '10 Hi, I am an intermediate level player. 32 years, available to play in North London (Finchley, Mill Hill...), or any other place in the surroundings. During the week my preferred time would be after work (after 7pm) or anytime during weekends.
jose2009403228 Jul '09 Unrated21 Apr '09 I HAVE LEFT UK. I am 34 and I have played tennis on and off, can hold a rally, but my serve and backhand need improving. My prefered location is Wimbledon Park. I can play weekdays in the morning and some afternoons & weekends.
Lion773220 Jul '14 38206 Jul '09 Available to play on weekends and some evenings mainly in North London(Arnos Park). Please get in touch on 07891724159
Btrap87453206 Jun '12 Unrated23 Jul '08 22 year old male seeking to play advanced tennis players. I represent my University in Singles and would like to play against any one who considers themselves good :-)
madmax393207 Jul '13 Unrated04 Jul '09 
silverscale553216 Jun '10 Unrated10 Sep '09 I live in South Ealing, home club is Lammas park tennis club. I prefer playing matches doing the day time but can play evenings and weekends as well.
napo523221 Aug '13 2622 Sep '10 Playing tennis 25 years plus, rated 7.1, flexible in SW or central. Happy to play during the weekends or in the evenings (after 7 PM) during the week.

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181 to 210 of 16073
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