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Erikm1131 May '14 Unrated09 Mar '14 
gantonicci612530 May '14 6122 Nov '10 Ready to play anyone during the week after 7 pm and at the week end.thanks
darylc4230 May '14 Unrated10 Mar '14 Update: I've moved to Singapore and will be there for the foreseeable future. Please message me here if any of you are heading my way! Hi, I am a 31-year-old intermediate player looking for a hitting partner for games or rallies. I play at Southfields Recreation Ground (Acton) tennis courts near ...
Lionel911030 May '14 Unrated13 Apr '14 hi, I'm Lionel, i play usually in Finsbury Park , but open to any area when i spend we in london. still play a bit in France ( ranked 15/1).
Mike Harris411029 May '14 56605 Apr '09 Hi I am a intermediate. Looking to meet others to gain practice. I live very close to hampstead/parliament hill tennis courts. I can play early mornings (8-9am) or evenings / weekends.
conocza3329 May '14 Unrated04 May '14 Hi, I live in east london, E14 limehouse/westferry area. Looking for good players ONLY to play from 7pm on week days and at any time on the weekends. I used to be nationally ranked in Poland although since graduating in 2010 haven't played regularly. With unpredictable English weather I don't mind p...
stefano1029 May '14 Unrated18 Nov '05 Based in South London in Kennington.Looking for tennis partners around Camberwell, Kennington,Stockwell and Brixton.I`m an Intermediate player. Holler back if you want to play
tomfairfax33629 May '14 44407 May '09 28 year old male living in hackney wick area. just starting to improve towards decent intermediate and am looking for matches against similar standard to up my game.
John Mark201529 May '14 17916 Feb '13 I'm out of London for a while.
agassi4018529 May '14 44912 Apr '10 I have been abroad working and still playing tennis to keep in shape, will want to get back into competition. Can play anywhere in London.
Enejda1026 May '14 Unrated02 Mar '12 Hi my name is Natalia, live between North Wembley and Sudbury. I am complete beginner, havent had racket in my hand for about 2 years. Looking for someone nice, outgoing and patience to improve my tennis skills with, but also spend good time and keep fit. Im not into competing right now, I like to...
cwej1441026 May '14 61729 May '10 Live in Harlesden. Improver working on consistency as my next goal! E-mail, text if you fancy a match in NW or W London
fionaN1622526 May '14 36930 Jul '06 I've been playing regularly since Summer 2006, mainly in Islington Tennis Centre and Clissold Park. Am a member in ITC.
toulsons674725 May '14 7418 Apr '11 back playing again, prefer playing around north London but can travel. 07796157736.
mdodds3025 May '14 Unrated06 Apr '14 
sparry4225 May '14 Unrated24 Jun '12 Hi, I'm 27 and living in Hampstead North London. I've recently taken up the sport again after a few years of neglect. I'm available most weekends and evenings. Contact 07884000931.
figure_me28725 May '14 49405 Jun '11 Hi, I've been playing tennis for many years. Started when I was kid at a tennis club for many years, but stopped playing once I started working. I'm looking to play regularly. free on saturdays. Prefer to play close to my area: paddington recreational grounds. drop me an email. thanks
Aaron_M3325 May '14 Unrated07 May '14 I am an enthusiastic tennis player who plays as much as I can in the summer. I am always looking for new opponents to have a competitive match with. I would prefer to play matches in west London but I would not be against travelling further for a good match.
Levent171225 May '14 22330 Apr '12 I am a 34 year old male, and I live in Norwood- have been playing recreational tennis since 19, I have a love and passion for the game, am looking to regain my form and get fit for the summer and hopefully win a few games. I love to meet new people and chat with adults as my job has me berating teen...
andygaro21812525 May '14 1013 Jan '12 SERIOUS BACK PROBLEMS
gabibic16510525 May '14 5410 Oct '06 
Frestan93224 May '14 Unrated20 Mar '09 Mid 50s looking to play weekends in Finsbury Park. Prefer to play early morning 8.00 onwards as the courts in Finsbury Park get very busy later on. However, I am flexible. While my regular partner is away I am looking for someone else to knock-about with.
neil15939623 May '14 29120 Sep '11 Looking for hitting partners. Burgess Park, Tanner Street, Kennington most convenient courts for me, though can travel. Available weekends and most weekdays (daytime and evening).
sunny2323022 May '14 Unrated21 Jun '10 AGGRESSIVE PLAYER-based in Stoke Newington. Can play at Parliament Hill, Finsbury Park, Islington tennis Centre, Highbury Fields & Clissold Park.
mauricio endler21015522 May '14 20804 Oct '11 Very keen player based in West London, I can travel a reasonable distance for a good game.
stasky13020 May '14 59718 Sep '13 I am an intermediate player very interested to improve my game. I am available mainly from Friday afternoon until Sunday for playing ideally in the north part of London. My contact email is [email protected]
dib1505620 May '14 14123 Mar '06 High Intermediate player (used to play Club level) with all around ground play, love to come to the net! Available to play with decent players, Middle Intermediate and up. Interested in playing drills and/or friendly matches. Home court is Paddington Recreation Grounds and can book 6 days in Advanc...
david51blue2219 May '14 Unrated20 Jun '12 Hi I live in Essex but will travel to east and south london at weekends for a gg. My current rating is 5.2. I have played competitive tennis for 30+ years and am looking to improve to play national std vets
icycools1334119 May '14 45704 Mar '08 Good standard player and keep improving my level. Baseline hitter and trying to develop. Live in north london and willing to travel anywhere in north london.Finsbury park easy to reach and im also a member at Bounds green tennis club.I can be reach at 07733220936.
TTvlade2218 May '14 Unrated27 Sep '11 email: [email protected] mobile: 078 2545 1702 I can play in the lunch break or after work during the week in Lincoln`s Inn Fields park near Holborn station.

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361 to 390 of 16134
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