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TTvlade2218 May '14 Unrated27 Sep '11 email: [email protected] mobile: 078 2545 1702 I can play in the lunch break or after work during the week in Lincoln`s Inn Fields park near Holborn station.
denis593617 May '14 31921 Sep '08 Hi, I'm very competitive player and can play weekends at anytime and weekdays in the afternoon my location is SE 23Forest Hill but flexible to travel a bit, call me if you like. 07402786770
AlexK1017 May '14 Unrated15 May '14 Keen player. Ideally would like to play at 7:30 am On Saturday and Sunday. Willing to drive up to 10 miles, ideally close to Northern circular. Based in Teddington.
panzer13131104317 May '14 32029 Sep '09 well i am a player who just start this year to play with someone who likes to play during the week just for fun and try to improve more about this fantastic sport, so i hope to meet good people before good players cause thats is important as well my phone number is 07581410162 thanks.
darius311517 May '14 18927 Nov '08 36 years, club level player living in Woking. Would be happy to play singles on weekday evenings in Wimbledon/SW London or on weekdays/weekends in Woking/Guildford area.
asish2411251415 May '14 23419 Aug '12 32 yr old..been playing since my childhood. been on and off..looking to play regularly. Moved to Greenwich recently, happy to bike a reasonable distance for a game, anyone interested can text me on 07887 521 246.
csizsi16510215 May '14 21815 Jul '11 I am a 28 years old male, ITN 6 I guess. Would like to play some tennis. I live and work at Hyde Park used to play in the park at South Wimbledon, but would go anywhere. Usually available mornings and afternoons.
jaybe21411315 May '14 1323 Jan '11 not in London anymore
milogatt1014 May '14 Unrated12 Aug '10 Intermediate player
dave861114 May '14 Unrated12 May '14 Played tennis a lot and to a high level as a junior, now after a 5-6 year break am starting to get back into playing once or twice a week.
jmp2114 May '14 Unrated23 May '13 28 year old and a keen player based in central London. Willing to travel anywhere from Wimbledon to Greenwich for a game, and do not mind scheduling on very short notice.
Shaq10114 May '14 Unrated24 Sep '13 24 year old guy from the US, generally looking for people around my level (NTRP 4.5 or so, so around ITN 5) to play with. I live near Finsbury Park, would prefer somewhere vaguely near there but willing to travel, flexible schedule.
Maco19845111 May '14 Unrated13 Apr '14 Hi, I am Marco, I live near Bermondsey tube station. I think I am an intermediate player. I'll always enjoy playing, so I do not have any preferences at all. I am left handed and use a one-hand backhand. I am confident in my slice and my drive as well, but the backhand and the serve need to be impr...
kmoroz12511 May '14 54316 Jun '13 Looking for weekend/evening games in North West area, preferably Queens Park or Paddington Rec.
manuelerosignoli2210 May '14 Unrated28 Apr '14 
Thebest1406210 May '14 40015 Mar '09 Thebest only by nickname, the reallity is that I am far from it! I am an intermediate player from south London, looking for friendly matches, I am free onevenings and weekends. If you want to play drop me a line. Mobile 07900538986, If contacting by phone please tell me your site user name. PS:...
costner201410 May '14 12517 Apr '09 Hi, I'm looking for double tennis parteners for competitions , 3 miles SE6.
cajacko6309 May '14 19217 Oct '12 Hi Guys, I'm a qualified PTR Instructor tennis coach but haven't played much since I moved to London in 2012. Looking to play for fun, socially and competitively. I have very flexible hours at the moment so I may be able to play at all sorts of hours and days.
mcatalli320603009 May '14 19809 Jun '12 Ready to play anyone during the week after 6 pm and anytime during weekends.Feel free to call/txt me on 07748500075. Marco
timshel191307 May '14 9514 Jul '09 Living in Richmond, a member of the Richmond Lawn Tennis Club. Try to play at least a couple of times a week. Very competitive, fast around the court, love a baseline battle but working on getting to the net more. Work from home so have daytime flexibility.
mshawish21607 May '14 53725 Jun '09 Hi, In the Richmond area. I worked for the all England club so I'm aware of the wider subjects to the sport. I love to watch the game and follow the pro's on the circuit. I've played the game on/off from an early age. I enjoy base line rally's, mixing the type of shots and variations on the court, ...
markosk7304 May '14 42229 Apr '13 I played a lot when I was younger and want to get back into it now at 27. I would say I'm intermediate. I live near Eltham and would like to play a regular game on a weeknight or at the weekend.
richphillips1004 May '14 Unrated02 May '14 Surrey Quays area ... let's play at Southwark park! I'm 27, want to play for fun and fitness, intermediate level I guess. I'm a freelance musician so midweek daytimes are good! Do get in touch
ath_peppas8804 May '14 1418 Nov '13 
cpoole1004 May '14 Unrated16 Mar '11 Hi. Live in Barnet work in Central London (Holborn). Not played in a while, not too sure of my level to be honest we'll soon see! Can play weekends and some evenings.
havoc1004 May '14 Unrated30 Apr '14 Hello everyone, I'm Simon. Male, 26YO. I used to play tennis when I was 15. I played for 7 yrs. Now I moved here in UK from Italy and I would like to play again. Pinner / Eastcote
Myko931104 May '14 Unrated01 May '14 I'm a 20 years old High-Intermediate tennis player from Tuscany, I love playing so do not esitate in challenging me :D
hvladimir771103 May '14 Unrated19 Jul '12 I live in London E3 close to Victoria Park where I use to play the most. Behtnal Green tennis courts are good for me as well. I am avaliable nearly every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I am from Slovakia and love playing tennis very much. I am 35 years old and have been playing tennis over 25 years...
Terra Rossa1557103 May '14 17031 Mar '09 Clay court specialist with access to shale courts in Crouch End, N8, but enjoy playing on hard courts both indoor and outdoor
slidinganddiving1036402 May '14 14804 Jan '07 Waterloo, 32 yr old male, looking to play a couple of times a week - only available weekday evenings and most weekends!

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391 to 420 of 16134
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