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UsernamePlayedWonLast PlayedSite RankJoinedProfile
Jordanes402602 May '14 10025 Jan '09 
Sonic16511429 Apr '14 16728 Mar '12 My courts are Finsbury Park and Clissold Park but I am happy to travel too. usually available weekdays from 6pm and weekends at any time. If you are up for a game get in touch
mikeservent522329 Apr '14 29727 Sep '10 I'm 39 years old, and I usually play indoors at the Islington Tennis Centre. I've been playing for a few years, so am a reasonable standard. If anyone fancies a game at ITC please drop me a line.
bloghopperuk573328 Apr '14 16208 Jul '09 Clapham male, keen intermediate tennis player. Happy to play a match or just rally/practice. Can play weekday evenings or weekends.
xyderyx7627 Apr '14 24321 Nov '13 I prefer playing in Camden, and appreciate a competitive and fair match.
haskeyb10326 Apr '14 35713 May '08 32 year old male. used to play county as a junior but have not played much for the last few years. looking to play with anyone of a high/intermediate level in the Dulwich / south east London area on weekday evenings or weekend. pls email [email protected] or call 07810864406.
Alex Z1518725 Apr '14 3626 Aug '09 Playing at Wigmore LTC in Streatham- Floodlit until 10pm daily. LTA rated 6.2.
TRUSLERB1488725 Apr '14 6910 Sep '09 I Live in Hammersmith. Play alot a brook green but can travel . Looking for regular matches because I play regularly in tournaments.
karlj12324 Apr '14 53321 Mar '12 intermediate - looking for someone to have a game with in NW preferably at Chelmsford Square. I am available all day, every day
saadk48924 Apr '14 43703 Oct '09 I am 26, male, and a club level player and have been playing consistently for more than 3 years. I live near croydon and am looking for a partner to play tennis in the south or central london.
Saad2006 Apr '12 Unrated15 Apr '06 i am 14 years old i play tennis in Pakistan now i want to take coaching in london for 2-3 months
TOMCCARTY191424 Apr '14 2522 Oct '08 
tennisdan323224 Apr '14 1531 May '11 
henning3324 Apr '14 Unrated06 Apr '14 Hi looking for tennis partner to play @Telegraph Hill. Drop me a line [email protected]
salimr019324 Apr '14 54109 Jun '13 Hello people I'm a recreational player, 23 years of age. I live in Mill Hill and am looking to play locally or anywhere around the North or Northwest London area. If you are interested give me a shout on here or call on - 079 4633 6833
hanyfarouk11624 Apr '14 32506 Mar '14 I am 39 Egyptian and now in East London E14. Play tennis as a good player and want to play any time.
TJK5321 Apr '14 20513 Feb '12 Male, 25 years old. Played as a child growing up then competitively as Junior and at University. Don't mind on location & flexible with dates and times. 07719146165
rach382021 Apr '14 28314 Oct '08 I like long baseline rallies, matches, and the occasional drill. My groundstrokes tend to be fairly consistent but volleying is erratic. Flexible schedule, including weekdays during the day with advance notice.
PaulC853621 Apr '14 21018 Jun '08 Age 38, I work in Canary Wharf and live near Bromley. Been playing all my life but I'm out of practice. Would prefer to play weekends or weekday evenings, somewhere in south-east or east London. I play at Bromley Wendover TC. 07711 104844
eastsidefunksta341321 Apr '14 30126 Mar '10 moo moo sharoo!
buski569351520 Apr '14 14506 Jun '07 I played national tournaments in NZ until 18. I am now in my 30s and getting back into it - still fairly strong if playing regularly.
andysw21912519 Apr '14 50315 Feb '08 mainly play south west
ginnemo73819 Apr '14 59607 Nov '07 Hi all, I am a keen player looking to put my game all together this Summer! I am available to play weekends at fairly short notice. Rating ITN7 Regards 07989 558129
jfox19888219 Apr '14 45024 Jan '12 My name is James and I am based in East London. I have been playing tennis for around 8 years (maybe longer) so a competent player but recently that has dropped a little and I want to get back into it. I prefer to play singles but I also enjoy a doubles game. I am available for a game on weekends b...
Lukasr7418 Apr '14 17109 Sep '13 My name is Lukas. I just recently moved to London. I have been playing tennis ever since I was 7, and was quite high in juniors back in the day. Haven't played properly for the past couple years or so. Still have the game there, but want to start playing more consistently, so would ideally love to f...
laurent251107318 Apr '14 19423 Jan '08 Early 40s .07810894705
TristanG2218 Apr '14 Unrated18 May '07 LTA 6.1 Rating, looking to play competitive singles matches mainly in West London area but prepared to travel for a good game. Work evenings so free weekdays (except Wednesday pm) and Saturday mornings.
Cook442518 Apr '14 20014 Oct '07 I can play any day. Prefer daytime. I typically play in Burgess Park.
ellerslie623917 Apr '14 23906 Feb '11 48, Wilton Tennis Club member.

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421 to 450 of 16134
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