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amondelci6328 Mar '14 Unrated09 Aug '05 Play at reasonable level. Used to play in my home country, Italy, for a club (4.5 Italian rating system) but those are the good old days and unfortunately they are gone. Available at non working hours.
stingray204272528 Mar '14 9817 Apr '09 
moshed885128 Mar '14 Unrated23 Jul '09 Hey guys Just moved to Kensigton W8 area and looking for tennis partner around Holland Park
RichW241128 Mar '14 15424 Apr '09 I work in central London and live in Walthamstow/East London. I am a regular club and team player but am seeking to play more games of singles. If you enjoy playing against a predominately back of the court player, please contact me for a game.
menelike3228 Mar '14 Unrated01 Aug '08 I can play at a good level, I used to play for a club in my home country (Italy). Since moving to London I've only been playing occasionally.. My court is Clissold Park and I can play most weekdays after 6PM but occasionally also in the morning/afternoon. Available also on weekends.
ChrisBrownSport4026 Mar '14 Unrated21 Jan '14 I'm 27, like most people I usually play tennis for a few weeks every summer, but in July 2013 I decided to start lessons. I completed my beginners course in September, have continued being coached throughout the Autumn/Winter & I'm now around the low/mid intermediate level. I try to play twice a wee...
Tex7324 Mar '14 25708 Jan '14 Hi am 39y been playing on and off for a few years. looking to get back into it. home court is Chemsford Square Open Space Tennis Court.
SvenTennis5424 Mar '14 Unrated30 Aug '13 43 year old male - living in Bloomsbury, between Cartwright Gardens courts and Mecklenburgh Square courts. Looking for a partner to play with anytime, but prefer afternoons, for a hit for 1-2 hours for exercise purposes. Ability is 'medium' (ITN6)- used to play friendly social comp 1995-2006, but ...
groobazzz1467424 Mar '14 38406 Oct '09 34, member of Gardens LTC. I can play either early morning (after 9.30am) or in the afternoon (after 1.30pm) but prefer mornings. Feel free to call or text me on 079 717 919 82. Peter.
Rob991024 Mar '14 Unrated09 Mar '14 I live in Carlton (SE7) and would like to play on free courts around this area (I know a few in very good condition). I would describe myself as advanced recreational, starting to put my game together, can hit decent shots just need to increase consistency. I don't mind playing/practice with advance...
nevillef12223 Mar '14 42919 Oct '10 Playing tennis for 8 years. Can rally, volley, overhead, good serve and fast on court. Need more singles play but up for doubles too. Young 42 year old. Live in Oval.
maseman9123 Mar '14 Unrated13 May '12 Let me know if you want to play
cyclegeek6021 Mar '14 60708 Sep '12 Hi there, I'm looking for someone to hit with, who like me hasn't played in a while or just wants some practise. I can play at Finsbury Park, Lincoln Inns Field, Paddington Rec.
payel19873120 Mar '14 Unrated20 Jul '10 Student at the LSE from Singapore. Forehand favored, looking for intensive rally sessions, 3/5 set matches or tie breaks. can play late morning to afternoons on weekdays and any time on weekends. Staying near paddington, prepared to travel. NTRP on average 3.5, can fluctuate from 3.0-4.0, drop me a ...
Stevie Sleeves1054018 Mar '14 34721 Jun '11 Hi tennis fans, I'm based in East London and always looking for people of a similar level to play matches with. I work freelance so am often available midweek, as well as the usual times. Preferred courts are Hackney Downs, Victoria Park and Clissold Park. But I'm ok to bike for 30 minutes to your ...
adamomer5417 Mar '14 2125 Jun '12 A club level player.
Florin874417 Mar '14 34505 Nov '11 I am 22 years old and I've been playing tennis for 1 year and a half. I am self trained but sometimes a tennis coach helps me a bit. For the first 5 months I played 2 hours almost everyday so I am able to play tennis not only mess around, not at a high level though.
Simonsway42918317 Mar '14 27201 Nov '11 
mike52462317 Mar '14 45305 Jul '09 28-yrs old, bermondsey based and able to travel around south east london for a game, burgess park is my local. I used to play for a club when I was a kid, and I've played on and off at a recreational level since. Looking for partners of similar standard to improve and get fit! I can do weekends or ...
tripwires1016 Mar '14 Unrated05 Apr '13 
degrease231316 Mar '14 47607 Mar '12 I have recently started playing tennis again after moving to london a few years ago. No idea how i should be rated as never played for a team or in any league structure before.. although i'm no federer!! Looking for games in finsbury park
rody1217816 Mar '14 9707 Feb '10 player from south America, playing for a few years ,more than beginer,i normally play at finsbury park,happy to travel to have a good game,i can play evenings after 5pm, weekends as well.happy to play males or females,my number is 07951337077, thanks.
Skober5216 Mar '14 Unrated05 Aug '13 I like to play tennis , looking for player in north london, palmers green and near.
Skelta231016 Mar '14 44002 Dec '09 Been playing for roughly four years, take lessons and can rally fairly comfortably, backhand and forehand.
djhayman462815 Mar '14 25630 Aug '11 Hi, I'm David, I live in Kennington. I'm a member of Burgess Park, and am available to play matches (best of three sets) during the evenings. My standard is intermediate.
MixingNia6115 Mar '14 Unrated04 Oct '13 Just looking to gain some playing experience and ultimately improve and prepared to travel if needs be.
jwalton2015 Mar '14 Unrated23 Jan '14 Live in Charlton, just started playing again always up for a game around Blackheath, Greenwich or Lewisham area. Times vary.
innerhippy351915 Mar '14 28724 Mar '11 Available weekends and some weekday evenings to play, ideally, near Kennington area or Battersea.
Bronzeman2114 Mar '14 Unrated08 Dec '13 Irish - live in Portman Square (behind Selfridges)
adi302314 Mar '14 1231 Aug '08 

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511 to 540 of 16134
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