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Wronghand6610 Jul '14 8506 Apr '14 Right-handed. I have played many years left handed but I can't at the moment because of a shoulder problem, so beginner all over again now! But capable of some good shots still. I like to hit aggressively from the baseline.
Franck602410 Jul '14 50127 Feb '09 After two years off the courts, I'm looking forward to playing again! I'm available weekdays at any time, I used to be of a decent intermediate level (but rusty!)... If you're around South-West London and fancy a hit, contact me!
Robster87332010 Jul '14 18729 Jun '13 26 yr old Kiwi, strong club player. Keen to play singles/doubles with people around my age and level. Usually up for a few pints afterwards too! Prefer West/South West London.
naroberts17710 Jul '14 38906 Jun '10 Good standard male tennis player & keen for competitive tennis.
Based in Clapham & can play within a 3 mile radius.
Can play weekdays, early or from 6pm & weekends. Also, spontaneously may be able to play @ short notice.| Tel:0775 9442919.
chazzer4110 Jul '14 Unrated03 Feb '08 I play in dulwich park or belair park and am self employed so am a bit flexible when I play. looking for other local players for friendly competition.I am 43 and play roughly twice a week.
Filippo65710 Jul '14 Unrated22 Sep '11 Italian guy, low intermediate game, free some day time & Sunday, looking to play near Bethnal Green.
camilo2209 Jul '14 Unrated06 Jul '14 I am 35 year old and starting to play again after 10+ years. Im looking for good recreational players to train consistently. I prefer early in the mornings or late evenings, I live besides hackney downs courts and can move around the east area within bike distances.
temph01819209 Jul '14 9919 Apr '07 LTA 7.2 range - I usually play at the Islington Tennis Centre, 9AM weekdays only.
emireralp3009 Jul '14 Unrated03 Jul '14 I am a freelancer, so I'm open to playing every day. I have been taking tennis lessons once a week for the past 6 months (I played some when I was 12). I live near Haggerston Park, London Fields and Victoria Park.
thebalster11709 Jul '14 21207 Jun '11 i have just started playing tennis again after a long break my local courts are hampstead heath parliament hill/finsbury park/islington tennis centre but can travel around north/central london
Knobblyj554109 Jul '14 5113 Aug '08 I am available to play in the evenings during the week. I am also available to play on weekends. David LLoyd in Raynes have got very good floodlit facilities as well as indoor courts. which are reasonably priced for play during the week. Been out for 2 years due to fracturing my knee. Looking to get...
klohen13709 Jul '14 28128 Jun '10 I am 27, left handed and a good competitor. I used to be really good when I was younger but I am well out of practise. I live in Clapham Junction and work mostly in Kensington. Ideally I normally play weekday lunch / afternoons but I can be flexible for a good game. Henry (07752528836)
Micky Nard22711009 Jul '14 12707 Jul '08 My home ground is Richmond LTC. I work in Holborn close to Lincoln's Inn Fields
Competitive player and training coach
If not busy with tournaments, I can play pretty much anywhere.
I would love to play with male and female.
AntonioB29309 Jul '14 58525 Apr '13 37yo male, Brazilian, playing for 2 years. Recreational level, not overly competitive but play seriously. Love tennis and can travel a bit to play (based in Putney). Flexible schedule.
frabbu8609 Jul '14 Unrated15 Apr '14 35 years old, beginner level. Want to play as much as possible. Preferred court Wimbledon park. To arrange for a game drop a line on this site.
martynwb281509 Jul '14 41705 Jul '11 I live in Oval and can play on most courts in South london.
ealia1008 Jul '14 Unrated04 Jul '14 A good solid intermediate player, flexible in travel, looking for a hitting partner, but also to play competitive games. Based in North London.
sympin2734808 Jul '14 43223 Mar '09 I like playing competitive tennis,for fun,and practise also. I can travel anywhere to play, i can play morning, noon, and evenings!!! My email add [email protected] email me anytime for tennis. Mu Username is Sympin, my name is Danny.
nstafford862007 Jul '14 Unrated29 Jun '14 Used to play when I was in my teens and just starting to get back into it now. Bit of a rusty serve but its improving, ground strokes are OK. Just moved to Catford and looking for people to have a regular game with at the weekends or occasional weekdays (shift worker). Please message me if your keen...
vadlon724607 Jul '14 13216 Apr '09 Very keen player, based in Streatham, Wigmore LTC, LTA 7.2
MamyIaly151407 Jul '14 128 Apr '09 I am now back from Madagascar, I am number 2 in my country and 4.2 LTA ranked in the UK, staying in the UK from 20 June to 8 July. If you want to play, send me a message.
mcerillo141207 Jul '14 15229 Aug '12 Hi, I am 31 and based in stoke newington. Happy to play anywhere around north and east london. I was a county standard tennis player through to U18, and played for University, but then a serious injury meant I stopped playing for 10 years. I am now looking to get back into a regular hit or match wit...
ArchTen9307 Jul '14 30610 Dec '06 Matches only!! I am an average player, but play weekly 8-12hours a week. I am right handed. Message or call me 07949020595 I prefer to play at Islington Tennis Centre.
burnerz815107 Jul '14 50618 Mar '14 Hi l am Antonio from Italy. I have played for many years but the last 3 just some times..I have good level. I love play tennis and I' d like to find some people to play close to the north of London. I prefere to play during the week and at the moment free during the week. Just let me know 2 or 3 ho...
erikViking18607 Jul '14 57121 May '12 Intermediate playing living near Kennington Park.
Nige54807 Jul '14 59309 Apr '11 
Wallas752007 Jul '14 Unrated21 Aug '10 I live in Croydon area and I am available afternoons and weekends
161robk1007 Jul '14 Unrated19 Mar '14 28yo, beginner/intermediate player, home court is Dulwich Park, self employed so flexible playing times. Looking for more practice, undoubtedly others will be better, but one can only try and improve!
FootT6107 Jul '14 59826 Sep '03 ITN7 (Low Intermediate) player. Looking to play m/f of similar standard. Prefer to play at Hampstead Heath (Parliament Hill).

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151 to 180 of 16134
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