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161robk1007 Jul '14 Unrated19 Mar '14 28yo, beginner/intermediate player, home court is Dulwich Park, self employed so flexible playing times. Looking for more practice, undoubtedly others will be better, but one can only try and improve!
nickolay26516307 Jul '14 36416 Jun '08 Male, 35 yrs old, based in Bounds Green N22, Recreational player, Started playing in 2008. Seeking singles matches preferably in the North London area. Get in touch.
stephenpauldunne241706 Jul '14 33331 Jul '13 I live in Clapham and enjoy playing the courts on the common, but I don't mind traveling for a match.
deezel5014206 Jul '14 Unrated27 May '14 I'm Derek in my 40s, work at UCLH and live walking distance to Regents Park. Have not played for a few years and seriously want to get back into playing on a regular basis again. Looking for regular hits and friendly games from similar and better standard of players to help me improve my game and ad...
Ahathi3105 Jul '14 Unrated24 Oct '13 canary islands player up for a game weekdays from 7pm onwards or weekends. Preferrably around the Moorgate (EC2V), Angel/Highbury (N1)and Bermondsey (SE16) areas.
Tofer837405 Jul '14 18118 Jun '13 Central London based, keen to play on week night evenings. Would like to play in zone 1/2/3. Can play at reasonably short notice.
achristophorou262205 Jul '14 11123 Jun '13 I am a low advanced player getting back into tennis and looking for some games. I live in Queens Park so Paddington Rec, Queens Park and Chelmsford Square are my nearest courts. Get in touch if you fancy a match. Can play weekday evenings or weekends, and some weekday mornings.
kdeback663705 Jul '14 23626 May '09 I'm 30 years old and started playing tennis when I was 7. I haven't always played regularly, but never spent more than a few months without playing tennis, so I think I have a very decent level, which I would like to improve by playing more regularly. I am available evenings and weekends, so don't h...
marcosm674305 Jul '14 9209 Jan '11 I live very near Wimbledon Park. I used to be a coach and university tennis captain, but that was some time ago!
okck5105 Jul '14 38014 Oct '10 ITN - 6 (self-rated)
Mikey Mike502204 Jul '14 21605 May '12 
niftyneville1412204 Jul '14 58009 Nov '08 living in Golders Green NW2 can travel mornings or pm mon-fri against similar opponents call or message me 07412215111 or email to confirm a game.thanks
Paul Brady3304 Jul '14 Unrated20 Apr '14 Male, 29 years old, used to be quite good as a junior but haven't picked up a racket in 15years! So not too sure what standard I would be, at least until I've played a few games, at a guess i'm probably at an intermediate level. Open to evenings and weekends, work shift work so unable to specify exa...
squiresean923804 Jul '14 46003 Jul '08 Good recreational player. Recently moved to Croydon. Keen to hit and/or match play. Happy to be contacted by email [email protected] or via this site
juanid1104 Jul '14 Unrated01 Jul '14 hi there, im 23, close to 24... spanish living in archway. i was playing when i was a child for a club. now i dont touch my rackect since 3 years... so im a intermidiate level looking for play, improve and have fun. if u are interested ,we can go for a game, 07432450817
linstein4304 Jul '14 Unrated25 Apr '13 I've been learning a lot about the game over the past 3 years and on my good days I can hold my own against top club juniors and coaches. 29, 6 foot, 85 kg, reasonably fit and healthy. Based around South London. I am willing to travel. Able to play on weekends and some week day evenings. I also prov...
Miguel522003 Jul '14 30220 Jan '09 Intermediate all round player. Strong tactical player, good forehand and volley.
Tim Brennan734903 Jul '14 12110 Aug '10 I live in Bounds Green and play at Albert Road and Arnos Park (near Arnos Grove station). Best to text me on 07919 054 533.
timc843003 Jul '14 40416 Sep '07 Back in London and looking to play Based in Hackney, tend to play at Millfields or Hackney Downs. Can travel further afield. Looking to play on a more regular basis. Daytime during the week can be managed on occasion.
Roach11203 Jul '14 45223 Jul '10 Relative novice looking to get more serious as I prepare to give up rugby. Make up for lack of experience with athletism, enthusiasm and table tennis instincts. Based in SW11 (Battersea/Clapham). Available to play most weekends and 1 or 2 weekday evenings
patch9703 Jul '14 22605 Feb '12 it would be good to play some hard long rallies and play matches with players to test myself .i live in Sydenham and play at wells park but willing to travel (South East area).available all different times contact 07917599613 .
smsldn051002 Jul '14 Unrated24 Jun '14 24 year old male. Graduate student. Self taught mostly, played a lot at school, less in university. Looking to get back. I live around Bethnal Green. I don't mind to travel around in North and East London.
harryp10302402 Jul '14 5309 Jun '09 Currently living near Hampstead Heath and am working freelance so can be available during the day and at short notice. I prefer playing singles but also enjoy doubles.
LF2821102 Jul '14 Unrated09 Jun '14 25 year old male. I played a lot of tennis at school but a lot less at university and now I'm getting back into it again. I'm based in Stratford and will be keen for matches around East or North London.
zchabe812302 Jul '14 40216 Dec '09 I'm in my early 20s and have been playing tennis for 2 years. I am intermediate-standard as I can hit all the shots consistently, but not proficiently. Have strongish serve. I'm normally free on Wednesday evening and weekends after 2 pm. Always up for a high-quality match. Please feel free to t...
giovanni5402 Jul '14 Unrated19 Feb '14 LIVE IN NEW CROSS BUT I CAN EASILY MOVE I'M AVAILABLE IN WEEK FROM 8 TO 10 OR Saturday ALL DAY. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 07429067697 [email protected]
samjames13902 Jul '14 17824 Apr '13 Just joined the site, 25yo, based in East London. Played a lot as a teenager competitively, had a break for a while and getting back into playing. Happy to play anywhere, for just hitting and practising, or matches. Would be nice to play regularly.
tony791102 Jul '14 Unrated26 Jun '14 .
Guillaume8002 Jul '14 53616 Jul '13 I am looking for people to play at evenings or weekends. Most convenient location for me is the Paddington Rec. Interested in playing matches. 07584708568.
dankerrigan87201402 Jul '14 11327 Jul '13 now working at Lincolns Inn fields in Holborn and looking to get back playing tennis after a 4 year hiatus! Prior captain of uni of leicester, but I have barely played in the years since. I can still rally at an ok standard but lacking match practice and sorely lacking a serve currently, looking to ...

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181 to 210 of 16134
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