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harryp10302402 Jul '14 5309 Jun '09 Currently living near Hampstead Heath and am working freelance so can be available during the day and at short notice. I prefer playing singles but also enjoy doubles.
smsldn051002 Jul '14 Unrated24 Jun '14 24 year old male. Graduate student. Self taught mostly, played a lot at school, less in university. Looking to get back. I live around Bethnal Green. I don't mind to travel around in North and East London.
LF2821102 Jul '14 Unrated09 Jun '14 25 year old male. I played a lot of tennis at school but a lot less at university and now I'm getting back into it again. I'm based in Stratford and will be keen for matches around East or North London.
zchabe812302 Jul '14 40216 Dec '09 I'm in my early 20s and have been playing tennis for 2 years. I am intermediate-standard as I can hit all the shots consistently, but not proficiently. Have strongish serve. I'm normally free on Wednesday evening and weekends after 2 pm. Always up for a high-quality match. Please feel free to t...
giovanni5402 Jul '14 Unrated19 Feb '14 LIVE IN NEW CROSS BUT I CAN EASILY MOVE I'M AVAILABLE IN WEEK FROM 8 TO 10 OR Saturday ALL DAY. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 07429067697 [email protected]
curls24201 Jul '14 Unrated17 Mar '14 Looking for matches around South West London during the week and at weekends, but willing to travel as well for a competitive game on the weekend. Thanks!
Jernej5201 Jul '14 Unrated12 Apr '14 Back into the game again. After having played at school and university at high levels I want a challenge again. Intermediate player. Available weekends and potentially during the week from 7 to 9 pm. Preferred venue is Wimbledon Park.
thomasmadden7912501 Jul '14 27308 Dec '13 I am based in Bermondsey se1 my local club is Burgess Park Tennis Centre, but i dont mind travelling as long as its not a million miles away. So if you think you are hard enough lets av it. Grrrrrr 07712203232
Roger11607401 Jul '14 23522 Nov '08 Julian Perez Age: 30 (02.07.1983) Birthplace: Cali (Colombia) Residence: London ( UK) Height: 5'8" (178 cm) Weight: 174 lbs (84 kg) Plays: Right-handed Coach: None Contact number: 07427520427 I'm back, available to play monday to friday before 2pm, Weekends anytime, anywhere....
Roppo1101 Jul '14 Unrated30 Jun '14 29 / M / ITN6. League matches only.
edwardsmith182201 Jul '14 Unrated19 Apr '14 
Barney19941001 Jul '14 Unrated01 Sep '13 Hi there, live in central London ec4a . Looking for games anytime after 6.30 on midweek evenings don't mind traveling but not too far. An and middle intermediate player but better than the average player. Contact me on here or on 07864106382 . Thanks
2012Tennis1706801 Jul '14 41815 Aug '07 Feel free to contact me if you fancy a hit. Am currently available Saturday morning and some weekday evenings. I can play at Southwark Park or Hornfair Park. Please get in touch.
Jasperss1001 Jul '14 Unrated01 Jul '14 
Jules Evans11401 Jul '14 26801 Oct '09 32, freelance journalist, i live next to Tuffnell Park courts on Tytherton Road, am decent standard. Up for playing whenever - daytime, evening, weekends.
DinnisR1336101 Jul '14 51023 Sep '03 I live near Gravesend, Kent. Have been LTL member for more than six years. Especially enjoy the League competitions but always pleased to play friendlies as well. Usually play my London Tennis League matches in London and travelling is no problem.
dc nadal6301 Jul '14 Unrated13 Jan '14 like to meet people for games of tennis
raoulreit10830 Jun '14 2923 Mar '14 I am an advanced player, having trained and participated in tournaments in Southern California up until 18. Since then I've played competitively in college. I currently live in West London, North Kensington, and am looking to play recreationally, but would also be comfortable playing matches or jus...
Toby291930 Jun '14 9017 Feb '13 League games only during the winter thanks.
SMarsh15529 Jun '14 48127 Apr '10 Advanced level. I work in Central London and live in Chelsea. I usually play at Battersea Park, Regents Park and Burton Court. I can play in the evenings and at weekends.
sscong401429 Jun '14 55226 Sep '06 Live in Twickenham and a member of V-Tennis Acton. Mainly available in the weekend and happy to travel to play matches or just for a hit.
arun198027529 Jun '14 61622 Oct '11 
alexduff35329 Jun '14 46810 Sep '12 No longer in London.
se17jb10129 Jun '14 61306 Oct '13 Hi, I'm an intermediate player, looking to play more often. Based in South West London and generally free to play at weekends or in the evenings during the week, work permitting.
Nigel24928 Jun '14 55028 Jun '12 I'm a beginner/Intermediate living in West Kensingston looking for games around the west London area Fulham/Dukes Medows/ Ravescourt Park.
Leven921128 Jun '14 Unrated09 Jun '14 I regularly play and a member of the David Lloyd clubs looking for a competitive match in the west london area however will consider travelling.
PAJARIEL2028 Jun '14 Unrated24 Feb '14 I'm 59,male. more o less fit. I live in Preston Road area and would like to lose some weight. Used to play good tennis in my youth. Still keen. Available every day from half past six onwards or some Saturdays after one and some others all day. Also some Sundays.
tanmaychetan572728 Jun '14 42721 Mar '11 Hi there! I'm 38 yrs old, used to play regularly until about 3 yrs back, play about once a week now, and not withstanding my traveling job, can play more regularly in West London (W2, NW8 etc) in the evenings and most weekends when in town.
AdamNW612727 Jun '14 23313 Jan '13 Played a fair bit as a kid, not much in my 20s, now 33 and gradually getting back into it. Keen for both hitting partners and matches. Not sure what my rating would be but would say I'm an advanced player with rust to shed. Based in NW6 - West Hampstead / Kilburn. Work in Waterloo. My work pattern c...
tennisenthusiast794527 Jun '14 14623 May '08 Hi - I live in North West London near Preston Road, Wembley/Harrow area & work in Canary wharf. I love to play tennis. Looking for a tennis partner at intermediate level who can play with me durng the weekdays evenings or weekends. Local is prefered but I am flexible & open to travel sometime. chee...

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211 to 240 of 16134
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