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krattan00Unrated14 Apr '07 I am an intermediate level player. Looking for some good natured but competitive tennis to enjoy the game and the weather.
anna0700Unrated18 Mar '09 Just looking for some good competitive tennis in the South West area. Used to play a lot and trying to get back into it again, would love some evenings matches during the week. Email - [email protected]
30slovetennis00Unrated05 Feb '11 
prestigeac300Unrated01 Apr '13 
pdcontla00Unrated17 Apr '07 
mond25700Unrated19 Mar '09 I know this is London tennis, but I live near Brighton and am in need of a hitting partner, male or female. Am rated 5.2 but can hit at a higher level
knobay00Unrated29 Aug '10 33, male living near Oval. After playing quite a bit of squash and table tennis I've now started playing tennis regularly and want to improve. Contact me if you fancy a game or if you're really good and want to earn some money teaching me.
michtennis00Unrated09 Apr '13 Hello, I just moved recently to London to start work. I finished university in Canada a couple of months ago and was captain of its tennis team for 3 years, helping us become one of the top teams in the country. I have played pretty much all my life and at the highest junior level in the United Stat...
Bhunter00Unrated21 Mar '09 hi im Ben, Im in sixth form and 17 years old. I live in princes Risborough, and play for princes Risborough and Marlow Tennis Clubs (mens league) I play hard deep shots whenever possible and am a very aggressive baseline player
Tanyamcd00Unrated14 Apr '13 Hi , My name is Tanya,I'm 25 and I've just recently moved to Finchley. I love playing tennis and although I haven't played in a while I would class myself as intermediate. Unfortunately none of my friends enjoy playing tennis so if anyone is interested in playing, preferably at Victoria park Finchle...
Guest2night00Unrated05 Sep '10 26 years old - Complete Beginner
Bruguera1023 Aug '13 Unrated18 Apr '13 Hi! Looking for some tennis in London (West, SW, NW, Central)! I am a decent standard and am happy for a knock around or a match in the evening sun or at some weekends! I am not a member of any club, but there are some free courts near me in Acton!
cole00Unrated23 Apr '07 I am a fit 65 year old who is is danger of losing to his less than fit 33 year old son. I need to sharpen up my game again to avoid this. I used to play University tennis but am now a bit out of practice. I would like to hit up regularly. I live in Victoria so Battersea Park would be ideal but a ...
davidgh00Unrated24 Mar '09 Hello, I'm a 28-year-old male, living in Camden and looking to start playing tennis again. I used to play as a teenager, but am rather rusty now..
Kyrgyzboy00Unrated07 Sep '10 Hello, I am 30 yr old, live in Arnos Grove, North London, Available on the weekends or sometimes midweek evenings. I think I am the next Federer :)))
Pischa5022 Jun '13 Unrated21 Apr '13 I am 38 years old and live near Wimbledon Park. Started playing aged seven and used to play for my university but mainly because the standard was not sky high. Didnt play for a few years and am slowly getting back into it. I have a variety of shots and can hit the ball but lack consistency.
chholmberg00Unrated25 Apr '07 I play once a week and consider myself to be an above average player but improving all the time. I would like to play competitive tennis against opponents of similar standard or slightly better. I'm always up for a game. Weekends preferably, but weekdays are ok aswell. Living SW-central London. 0...
simonshed00Unrated26 Mar '09 
dogastrophic00Unrated12 Sep '10 Hi! I've just moved to London from Bolton and am looking to continue my tennis... I live in Finsbury Park and am a decent first team player. Weekends are probably best but after 6pm on weekdays would be good too.
dan3500Unrated24 Apr '13 Hi, I'm in my mid 30s and am doing improver/intermediate tennis lessons and am looking for someone to practice with. I live opposite Telgraph Hill park courts and am willing to travel elsewhere in SE London.
kallen00Unrated29 Apr '07 Intermediate/advanced player. Located in North London
andrewg00Unrated29 Mar '09 
grantforever00Unrated17 Sep '10 Hi. I am a club standard player based in Hackney so normally play in Hackney Downs and London Fields. I also work in Hammersmith near Brook Green where I also play at lunchtimes and occasionally after work. Matches and/or practice sessions are welcome.Cheers!
lydiahoho00Unrated03 May '07 
VuNewplayer00Unrated20 Sep '10 Hi, I am new to tennis and currently getting coaching once a week therefore am looking for someone to practice with. I live near Beckenham/Bromley and can do evenings and weekends.
CarolineP00Unrated02 May '13 I have played tennis on and off for a number of years but would still count myself as a beginner in terms of skill level. I live in East London so that area would be ideal but willing to travel further afield.
Farrokh00Unrated07 May '07 I am a competent tennis player, based in Heretfordshire working in London. I have played league level tennis for many years. I am keen to play singles, doubles or just do drills, week ends or late evenings because of work. Can travel or have you as guest at my local club, Harpenden.
salbanoglu00Unrated21 Sep '09 I live in North London. I'm a very beginner but very passionate about tennis and would like to improve
dominator00Unrated22 Sep '10 good at back of court and at the net
andrew99900Unrated29 May '13 I'm a relatively fit 39 year old nomadic male. I've enjoyed playing tennis since I was a child, but have never really played regularly enough to get to a decent level. I can give a pretty good nock around, but i need to sort my serve out a bit to play a flowing game (it's coming). I stay in nw6 and ...

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1 to 30 of 16058
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