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lucystaples00Unrated17 Jul '09 
williamwin00Unrated21 Jun '11 48 year old, 6.2, keen player, Based Highgate Cricket & Tennis in Crouch End. Ex coach, Now Sport Psych working with GB Rowing and Paralympics GB. See blog:
iamanaother00Unrated31 Aug '09 
teddyendsor00Unrated22 Jun '11 
marvinwratten0004 Apr '18 Solid intermediate player looking for friendly match play with ITN5 or above. Can do early morning/daytimes/eves/weekends. Member at Islington, have access to good private outdoor (floodlit) court availability at Portman Sq, W1
ffelix00Unrated20 Jul '09 
hassan00Unrated23 Jun '11 
rodoni0003 May '18 Preferred location is SW London. Middle level players are also preferred. Love tennis and almost play a game every two days.
mikeyb100Unrated22 Jul '09 
misterdave8400Unrated25 Jun '11 Hi there - Looking to play weekday evenings after 17:30 around Central London, preferably Lincoln's Inn Fields or Cartwright Gardens. I used to play club level tennis when I was in my teens but haven't really played much in the last 10 years and am aiming to get some consistency back in my game.
filliped0031 May '18 I'm an intermediate brazilian player looking for partners in the hammersmith and fulham area to play regularly
kaidikikas15014 Apr '12 Unrated09 Mar '08 
RichP0019 Jun '18 Average club level player looking for friendly matches.
gauravm00Unrated25 Jul '09 Social tennis player residing in East London. A regular at West Ham park. Preferred time of play is weekends morning or weekday evenings
Gaelcolcombet0020 Jul '18 
lloydfarrer00Unrated16 Mar '08 Hi, I am a guy living in Fulham I have not played tennis for a couple of years and looking to get back into the game!! My current standard is needs to get eye back in, I would say I am an intermediate level player, so initially looking for someone similar to play with for fun initially rather than s...
ndiks200Unrated27 Jul '09 I am 41 years old. I use to play tennis ages ago. I love the game of tennis so well but haven't played for a long time. I have been piling on the pounds and I am looking for ways to do some exercise. Since I don't like going to the gym, I thought to myself; why not start playing tennis, a game I lik...
paulap00Unrated29 Jun '11 Used to be a good club player 15 years want to get back into it! (aged 40 now), so need to find someone to hit/practice with. Have just taken a series of lessons with lifetime tennis and need to practice....
freya19950024 Aug '18 
Ianb2004 Aug '08 Unrated23 Mar '08 I play to a good club level and are looking to get back in to playing tennis more regularly
chitownplayer00Unrated29 Jul '09 New to London, late 30's female currently playing at Westway, prefer singles matches but am learning doubles.
Kevind2021 Aug '11 Unrated01 Jul '11 I live in Blackheath. I used to be a good standard of Tennis - but haven't played for a while. I'm recreational level at the moment, but I have a competitive nature and would like to continually improve my game. I can play after work and weekends in my local area.
rogerfederer0000020 Sep '18 Hello. I'm Suren, 28, and based in Camberwell in south London. I have been playing tennis recreationally for a number of years and am looking for people to have a hit with.
SunnyB1026 Apr '08 Unrated25 Mar '08 Hi there. I am looking for regular tennis matches in the Putney/Fulham area. I consider myself to be average standard and would like play against people of a similar standard. I am generally free most evenings would like to hear from you if are interested in a game.
floreflore1017 Apr '11 Unrated30 Jul '09 I am Female, have been playing for at least 5 years, but not regularly, so I have an intermediate level, I can play around W6 area especially at BrookGreen Public courts. If you fancy a knock about during the week in the evening or during the weekend in the morning? contact me please. Male or fema...
raphaeldauduk5022 Jan '12 Unrated04 Aug '11 Hi, i`m a nice chap who really enjoys playing tennis, i am not a professional but i can be a good oponnent to play with, im always up for a good challenge and my hours are quite flexible.
Edd12220006 Nov '18 Keen to get back on the court for some blood, sweat and tears! Its been a while but was previously in the Top 300 but lost my login details! Very happy to travel and enjoy a friendly game whilst wanting to WIN!!! Bye for now, Edd
jesspike00Unrated26 Mar '08 Hi, I'm 24 and used to play to county level until the age of 19. Am looking to play socially for fun, as would love to get back into tennis. Used to have a high LTA rating but would dread to think what that might be now. Evenings and weekends would be best. I live and work near Battersea/Clapham ...
reh35400Unrated03 Jul '11 Played tennis for the last six years. Used to play regular club tennis in South-West London but have moved to North East London and lost it a bit in the last year. Looking for regular hits to get back in the groove

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1 to 30 of 16100
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