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jearthur00Unrated15 Jan '09 Hi, my name is Jeremy and Im currently studying at UCL. I'm originally from the U.S. (New York) and play for my collegiate team back home. While Im staying here I would thoroughly enjoy playing high level tennis anywhere in London, so far as it's easy to get there by the tube or bus.
clare00Unrated25 Jun '10 Played as a junior in Canada. Bit rusty now- would like to play again. Best courts are Royal Hospital Grounds. Prefer to play in the day Thurs or Fri. Thanks!
hilldav00Unrated04 Sep '12 Aged 25 living in Belsize Park, joined Hampstead Heath pay and play tennis club. Looking for a knock or a match at the weekend, played competitive tennis previously. If you fancy a game give me a shout 07811011765.
gismd00Unrated15 Oct '06 Played a lot as a teenager for school and club. Continued to play a bit at University. Not played regularly for the last 6 years until last month and really enjoyed it! Want to start playing at least once a week and getting back to the level i used to play at. Willing to travel. Don't mind playing s...
jasonb100600Unrated16 May '09 
Balissi00Unrated27 Jun '10 Im 24 and consider myself as a fairly competent player. Im avalible mon-friday 4pm onwards. I can play in Richmond and the surrounding areas (Kingston, Twickenham, Ham)
Antoine de France00Unrated06 Sep '12 29 years old, very active. Tennis level around 30-4 currently, because of lack of practice
smokey00Unrated23 Oct '06 Absolute beginner but very competitive and enthusiastic. I want to develop my game as quickly as possible and to the highest standard that I can.
gyndy00Unrated23 Jun '09 31 yr old- good eye for the ball - no real power yet - enjoys fun games in daytime weekdays at free me if you fancy a game! Male or female players [email protected]
GeorgeTwizell00Unrated09 Sep '12 Live in Brixton, have been playing tennis since school, always looking for a game anywhere in South London or evening matches in East London. Feel free to get in touch 07751852194.
johanob00Unrated31 Oct '06 Age 28. Living close to Angel. Working in the city. Looking for single games during (late) evenings/weekends. 15 yrs since last lesson... Play for fun and exercise.
MButler00Unrated21 Jan '09 25 year old residing in Hammersmith; been playing since I was a junior but haven't played in a while so probably a bit rusty. Not really too fussed about playing loactions - willing to travel to most places(within reason)as long as the courts look alright. I am available to play weekday evenings and...
shez181018 Nov '12 Unrated12 Sep '12 Hi I play regularly about 4 times a week in Wimbledon Park. I'm looking to play some new people to essentially test and enhance my tennis. I was told about this site through a friend, she used it often when she was in London and suggested it.
thehoff00Unrated24 Jan '09 I live in the Clapham Common area and haven't played Tennis in over ten years, although I have recently had a couple of lessons so am now looking for some casual games.
Fabricio00Unrated01 Jul '10 I am from Argentina, been playing Tennis for about a year, and my tennis partner has now left, so I need to find someone else. I'm available on evenings, live close to finsbury park and my telephone number is 07854818789, don't be shy to contact!
TG800Unrated18 Sep '12 
Sean Hanafin00Unrated13 Nov '06 Keen to join the next League. Would prefer to play in or around Wimbledon.
ddmcsa00Unrated04 Jul '10 
rogbak00Unrated20 Dec '06 I am live in the Maida Vale area LTA rating: 6.2 Wanting to play singles and doubles with similar LTA rated players Cheers,roger phone:07704610255
cesartoro2300Unrated29 Jan '09 well i star to play 5 years ago and im looking for people in warwishire
DanVS6026 Jul '13 59506 Jul '10 I'm 31 year old and I am looking for tennis partners to play mostly in the morning Monday - Friday.Have been playing for 1 year and my level is middle intermediate in a good day.I live in Edgware NW London and I am willing travel a decent distance.
kalyvian00Unrated08 Oct '12 
balbertyno12017 Aug '09 Unrated08 Feb '09 Hi, I would like to find a tennis partner to spend weekends and evenings in tennis court. You can contact me by phone 07527126147 (sms prefered). I am available any day after 6.00 pm or any time on weekends
borys00Unrated04 Oct '12 
Amos2400Unrated08 Feb '09 Hi i have just moved down to London and am looking for a partner for a good game of tennis. I have played for a few years and am not that bad just need a few hours of tennis time.
marce7400Unrated11 Oct '12 
alinag1002 Jun '10 Unrated10 Feb '09 Always loved tennis, picked it up again about 6 months ago and keen to improve fast.
AA100Unrated11 Jul '10 GREETINGS! to everyone I'm Fun of playing racket games Lawn Tennis is the most one.
gemmalouise00Unrated15 Oct '12 Hi have recently started playing tennis again after a number of years. Have had a few lessons and would like to find more people to play with in Battersea or Clapham area. Can play evenings and weekends and sometimes in the day too.
sashi00Unrated13 Feb '09 My name is Aleksandra. I'm 24 years female. I live next to Waterloo Station. Have been playing for last 3 years almost every week. Participated in local turnaments in my city. Prefer to play singles, but use to play doubles as well. Fell free to call or text me : 07767788573

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1 to 30 of 16127
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