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lewismurphy0015 Apr '19 Beginner/Intermediate. Recently moved from a two-handed backhand to single-hander, so I want to get some practice on the backhand side. Normally play at Charlton Lido as it's cheap! But anywhere near Greenwich - or Notting Hill as that's where I work.
jfenerol0011 Apr '19 Looking for a partner to play near Westminster. I have been playing tennis for 15 years.
muji-tennis0005 Apr '19 Hola! I used to play a lot very long time ago. I used to be high intermediate. I am interested in picking up tennis again! I am happy with going for a hit, so not necessarily competitive. I would like to play in Chelmsford Square NW10 3AR, but can play somewhere else too. See you soon, Muji
harryb940003 Apr '19 I am a 25 year old tutor/ student, looking to play a lot of tennis over the summer. Ideally want someone to play with on a regular basis. I am a beginner/ intermediate player, keen to improve my game.
tttvv0003 Apr '19 ssd
andrearebusco0001 Apr '19 always up for a good match at Paddington Recreational. I am 36 years old.
leo_london0029 Mar '19 Hello, I'm rusty since I last played 2 years ago but up for some fun. I consider myself low-intermediate wanting to play regularly. If you are up to hit some balls, I can play weekdays morning, around Richmond. Thanks, Leo
moneypower0029 Mar '19 For those who are interested in making money, every good thing comes with money, comes with extra effort
bylcopope0029 Mar '19 I'm a keen club player. Intermediate level - have great days and less-great days but really enjoy a good match. I live in Stoke Newington and happy to play anywhere around the local area or even further afield.
andre_tennis0027 Mar '19 intermediate to advanced player new in london from san francisco and looking for a good hit
Rcmedina0025 Mar '19 I live in islington. Currently able to play anytime. I am of medium ability. Easy going and social.
geraldine980023 Mar '19 my name is geraldine andrain daughter of mr/mrs andrain born on 5 july 1979 in USA texas from a family of five two boys three girls married with thre children a boy and two girls
boemi720020 Mar '19 I live in Parsons Green, Fulham, I haven't played for a while and I'm looking for a friendly and sociable player to make some practice with.
NinaElm0011 Mar '19 Intermediate player, happy to play a friendly set or do a bit of hitting. I usually play at Holland Park but happy with other suggestions.
stevej560008 Mar '19 Intermediate tennis player looking to improve technique by getting to play more regularly. I usually play doubles and keen to play more singles . Live north London , Harringay and up to play single or doubles . I am currently available to play day times Monday to Friday .
AlexKutler0006 Mar '19 Birmingham
Seanie 080028 Feb '19 I would like to play with others locally for fun in the Nw3 area for Parliament hill fields courts (hampstead heath) or close by. Love playing rallys and also happy to play singles and doubles. Looking for a partner for fun and challenge. I am left-handed also.
ravibagiya0018 Feb '19 I live near Wembley, location is not a problem for me as such though.
t4tennis0002 Feb '19 I'm very new to tennis and looking for someone to play with to improve my techniques before getting into a decent training course. Availability: Fri: 7PM - 8PM Sat: 5PM - 6PM Sun: 10 AM - 1PM
kiyan10027 Jan '19
Joyce4real0020 Jan '19 Hello let's make it real and have fun that is all for now,
Aquilegia900016 Jan '19 Hi my name is Ami, I'm an intermediate player. I'm looking for a tennis partner in north or central London. I'm free Monday Tuesday and Thursday till 2.30 pm Wednesday and Thursday and Friday evenings and weekends. I'm looking to practise and rally as much as possible but also happy to play singl...
Citizenmike0012 Jan '19 Hiya, my name is Mike and although I'm no Federer, I do like the odd game of tennis. I'm based in North East London, so can play at most locations in this area and assuming they're within reasonable cycling distance.
adri14500012 Jan '19 Hello, I am recreational/ intermediate tennis player from Croatia, just moved to London. I have been playing since I was 7 y/o with a 3 year break. Live in South London but wouldn't mind going wherever it takes to play as I'm currently very flexible with my time.
susie_mews0005 Jan '19 I'm an intermediate-level player, looking for someone to have a hit with on weekends mostly. Am in the north London area (Kentish Town, Highgate) so close to there would be good but can travel to Central or London Bridge area (close to work). Have played tennis on and off for the last 30-odd years b...
Teddington0004 Jan '19 Middle intermediate player looking for singles matches at weekends.
ioana310002 Jan '19 Located in South of London, but can travel centrally to play as well. Available to play during the week after 7pm and weekends. I have played since I was 6years up to the age of 14 competitively. Since then, took a long break to recover my knee. I have played very few times these years, but played s...
ellis0015 Dec '18 About me: Good intermediate player (playing a decade)rnLocation: North London but can travel within reasonrnPlaying preferences: During the week
idolkiller920028 Nov '18 I live in North London (near Wood Green and Turnpike Lane Stations). As winter is around the corner I prefer to play indoor. Mainly looking for a tennis partner. I started playing tennis in 2000 when I was 08 back in my home country (Cameroon). I played a lot of tournaments with some good results up...
alrandles0027 Nov '18 A researcher for a new tennis app launching 2019.

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1 to 30 of 12789
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